Sweet ideas for boyfriends: Creative ideas for valentine’s day gifts


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In this article I am going to show you another of my favorite gifts from my girlfriend, and it is as shown above. She bought me a pillow and handcrafted the pillow case for me.

Let me call the above gift as ‘love pillow’.

I guess my girlfriend took notice of my words when I said I wanted to get a pillow for myself.

This gift is important to me, as it marked a very special and difficult event that happened between my girlfriend and I.

Anyway, the “love pillow” is a perfect homemade gift for all occasions, such as for your boyfriend’s or husband’s birthday gift, or an Christmas gift for your boyfriend or husband, or even for a one year anniversary gift for your boyfriend or husband.

However in my opinion, the ‘love pillow’ is a perfect valentine’s day gift for your boyfriend or husband. That’s why I named this post for valentine’s day.

Sweet ideas for boyfriends: Creative ideas for valentine’s day gifts

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The above shows clearly the love message that my girlfriend has chosen for me.

It is good to pick out some love quotes or messages in giving them to your boyfriend or husband. Find your boyfriend’s or husband’s favorite quotes or messages.

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On the right is a heart shaped design made by my girlfriend. She found some red cloth and cut it into heart shapes before sewing them on to the pillow case as shown.

If you notice the pillow case, there are two hearts, one before the message and the other after the message. It looks pretty neat.

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Finally, my girlfriend finishes off by sewing my initials into the pillow case. It means that this pillow with the pillow case is solely mine!

I really like this gift as a whole, so loving girlfriends and wives, your boyfriends or husbands might really like it too.

How to create the ‘love pillow’?

1. First, buy a good pillow.

A good pillow can be bought at any department store.

2. Next, get a plain looking pillow case without any design.

This is obvious because you will want to make designs on it.

In addition, choose a good color for the pillow case that your boyfriend or husband likes.

The pillow case that I have shown you in this post has slightly lighter color than it originally has, because 7 years has passed since I received this gift. So you will want to choose a pillow case that does not lose its color after repeated washing.

3. Then choose thick and good color threads to sew onto the pillow case.

Thick threads is good for visibility, as you want your boyfriend or husband to be reminded of your love message.

For a good colored thread, chose a color that contrasts well with the color of the pillow case. It is good for design and visibility as well.

4. Cut out heart shapes from good red cloths.

You can always make variations to the look of the pillow by using different shapes and colors, or with any design you have in mind.

5. Mark out your love message and where you want to place your designs on the pillow case before sewing.

That’s because you do not want too many holes in the pillow case when you are trying to undo mistakes. Hence marking out your love message on the pillow case will minimize the chances of you sewing wrongly.

6. Start sewing your designs and message into the pillow case

As this is not a sewing tutorial, I will not be giving any advice on how to sew. Sorry about that but I have limited experience in sewing.

Tips and advices for creating the ‘love pillow’

1. Try not to put in too many designs on to the pillow.

Guys generally like their personal things looking cool, neat and clean.

Unless you are pretty confident that your boyfriend or husband likes your design, please refrain from trying out the extraordinary.

2. Keep your message short and simple.

Remember that the parts of the pillow case where the threads are sewn on makes the surface rough, so limit your use of words and design on the pillow case.

A smooth pillow case is ideal for a comfortable pillow.

3. Avoid cloth inks and glue on the pillow case.

You do want your hard work to be preserved over the years, and for the record I am still using this pillow case after 7 years.

By using cloth inks and glue, I am sure some parts of your design will be washed off after wear and tear. So please avoid cloth inks and glue.

Final words for this article

This ‘love pillow’ is a great gift for your boyfriend or husband, and even if you are very new to sewing, do not hesitate to learn and practice alittle in order to create this beautiful gift.

Your boyfriend or husband will remember you while he is on his bed because of your messages and all the love you put into creating this gift.

That’s all for this article. Stay tuned for more updates on boyfriend gift ideas.

This article is slightly edited and taken from my blog at BoyfriendGiftIdeas.org. If you want to know more about choosing a good pillow, go to the above link and at the middle of my post there is a video stream on how to choose the perfect pillow.