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Vacations were long gone and mid-term examinations happened to be just around the corner. Every professor was asked to prepare and submit the test papers in the Dean’s office, so that copies could be made and sealed in respective envelopes. It was a national holiday and I sat on the front porch of my house with my laptop, basking in the sun and enjoying the warmth while preparing the test papers that I had to submit. By the time I had finalized the test paper; my wife brought me a cup of piping hot coffee. I kept my laptop aside to enjoy a little chat with her.

After finishing my coffee, I sat with my laptop again to finish my work. Within the next half-an-hour, I was done with the final draft. I plugged in the USB drive to transfer the data so that I could get the printouts from the printer attached to my desktop computer. I switched on my desktop and transferred the data. All of a sudden there was a pop-up warning me of 32 viruses on my computer! I closed the pop-up and continued doing my work. After a few minutes the same pop-up recurred. So I decided to run the antivirus on my computer to get rid of any virus that was there.

I opened the McAfee Antivirus program to scan my computer, but soon realized it had expired! I had forgotten to update the antivirus and so my computer was no longer protected and prone to potential threats from the Internet. There was so much important data stored on my desktop computer and I had completely forgotten to backup any of them! I have heard students and colleagues talking about data being infected or corrupted and its consequences, resulting in data loss. I could not afford losing the data in my computer, and more importantly in this hour! I discussed the matter with my wife and she suggested that I should call up iYogi to get the problem fixed. She added that they were an online tech support company and could help with updating the antivirus on my PC.

I was a little apprehensive about calling iYogi initially and the thought of spending my money over their services, since it was paid. Judging my reluctance, my wife told me that she had read about this company and thought it to be quite a good one with the kind of services that it offered. Finally she convinced me to give them a call. My call was answered by a guy and he politely inquired how could he could be of help to me. I promptly replied, asking him, if he could update the McAfee antivirus installed on my computer. He told me he could and asked me if I would permit him to connect to my desktop computer remotely. I agreed and in minutes, he undertook some troubleshooting process on my computer and very soon, he was updating the antivirus on my PC. He not only scanned my computer but also helped me get rid of unwanted files, programs, software, etc. Towards the end of the call, he gave me some valuable tips to optimize my PC. My computer was not only working efficiently now but even better than before. I thanked the technician and disconnected the call. I was quite impressed with the way he handled my problem and with his expertise in quickly diagnosing my problem and resolving it in minutes.