Tabitha: The Entire Series Dvd Set

I did not go specifically in search of Tabitha: The Entire Series DVD set, but I just happened upon one day over the holidays and decided to treat myself with it. I remember watching the comedy when it aired originally, though I did not recall the episodes or very many details.

Basically, Tabitha is a follow up series to the wonderful hit show, Bewitched that starred Elizabeth Montgomery as Samantha Stephens.  During that series, Samantha gave birth to two children, a daughter and a son.  The daughter, Tabitha, was known to have inherited her mother’s witch abilities while the son, Adam, was totally mortal like his dad.

This new comedy has a grown up Tabitha out on her own, working as a production assistant for a Los Angeles TV station.  Her brother worked there as well. Unfortunately, the show lasted for only 12 episodes.  All 1s are included in this DVD set.

In addition to the shows that aired, the original pilot which is vastly different from the plot that was actually used for the show is also included.  This makes for a great extra because you can really envision how different the two versions are.

The cover artwork to the DVD is very attractive.  With a blue starry background, there is a lovely picture of Lisa Hartman, who starred as Tabitha, smiling brightly.  Then there are the four co-stars shown below her, including the late Robert Urich.  I had totally forgotten that he was in this.  He was a very versatile performer.

The back of the case features several other cast pictures as well as the writeup on the show.

This is a two disk set, which is awesome, because even though there are so few episodes, they are produced with quality onto the DVDs.  The disks are festive with the blue star background and are labeled appropriately.  Each has its own slot in the case.  There is a single sheet of paper included that also outlines what is on each of the disks.

So, while there is not a lot of bonus material and while there are only 13 total episodes included, to me it is well worth it.  I enjoyed watching these shows quite a lot.