Tajmahal Story

Love can’t die, Love long live when they hearts pure.

He was great mogul emperor of Hindustan.

Foreign leaders first visit Agra in India. That is great Tajmahal. Somaney tour visitors are like to see the fine Tajmahal.

Tajmahal is in Agra, India. Shajahan was bulleted for his lover wife Mumtazbegam. That Tajmahal Stones are white cooling marbles. Flowers design looks at fine. It is twenty years build, worked twenty thousand workers. That it cost hard upon three crores of rupees and that gems and precious stones came in camel loads.

The Size is 186×186 feet and height 213 feet. The four graces for slender minarets are 162.5 feet each. Construction begins in year1632 and completed in 1653.

There surrounding beautiful garden.

A visit to Agra cannot be called complete unless one sees that Taj, the crown of world. And wonder in the world. Jamuna river flows in behind.   

It has four tall slender white marble minarets, one in each corner of the platform around it, on which the great tomb stands. Look at it from a distance. How small and delicate, like a fairy palace, it looks! Come near, and you find how large and stately it really is. If you go up the marble steps, and stand close it, the dome seems soar high up into the blue sky.

The real tomb is in a vault beneath the building, and the way to it is led by a flight of steps. It is all decorated with precious stones, and the beautiful screens of covered marble that look like delicate jeweler’s work-in silver. There in front of us is the grave of the well- beloved queen of Shah Jehan whose loves was so great that he had built for her this wonderful and world famous tomb at an enormous cost.

It is delightful to see that the Taj at any time of the day. But it is most wonderful to see in the night of the full moon. At the time it looks like as building of pearl. It looks so bright it seems to have been made of white clouds. The gleaming white marbles the black shadows, the dim light, and the scented gardens. That is good attractive Tajmahal.