Take Care Of Your Teeth

When you meet new people, what are the first two things that you notice about them? The answer is their smile and teeth. Healthy teeth can tell you a lot about one’s personality. When you choose not to take care of your teeth, you pay the price with rotten teeth and bad breath and this can have a negative effect on your life as well as the people that you are around.

It is a known fact that people who take excellent care of their teeth tend to be successful and flourish in their careers. Not all people take care of their teeth in the same way, but what matters in the end is that the healthier your teeth are, the better you look to other people.

Healthy teeth are also much better to chew your food properly. In order for a person to have good digestion, the food must be chewed right or it will be much harder to digest and it could lead to other problems. Also, a person with healthy teeth can speak much clearer and this gives them added confidence.

People who have bad teeth usually do not like to speak in public and they tend to shy away from people and not communicate very much with them. Although some inherit bad teeth from their genetics, there are ways for dentists and orthodontists to reshape and improve crooked, ugly teeth.

Another important reason to take care of your teeth is that it prevents plaque formation from forming which is described as a clear film that sticks to the surface of your teeth . You might ask,” What is so bad about this”? Well, the fact is that this film is very sticky and like a magnet it attracts bacteria that sticks to it.

Bacteria that are sugary sweet are attracted to the sugar that is stuck on your teeth like ants attracted to your picnic. When you eat candies or other sweets the sugary substance left in your mouth breaks down the sugar into acid.

This acid is responsible for eating away the enamel that is on your teeth and this leads to holes in your teeth which are referred to as cavities. If you have too much plaque, it can also cause a disease called gingivitis which is a gum disease that will cause your gums to be red, sore and swollen.

One of the first indicators of gingivitis is easy bleeding around the gums, even when you gently brush your teeth. Taking the best care possible of your teeth is the best prevention for cavities and gum disease.

Poor dental care can also result in terrible tooth aches. If you have experienced one of these like a lot of us, then you know what I am talking about. These aches can make it very difficult to eat and to be around other people.

You need to brush properly everyday in order to prevent bacteria from forming. Brush at least twice a day and stick to it as this will prevent the plaque from building up on your teeth which will eventually lead to cavities. I hope that you found this information useful and if you would like more information, please check out my healthy living web site where you will find some great information on how to liove a long and healthy life.