Taking Christmas Photos / Stay Calm at Christmastime

Sometimes it can be hard to get a good picture due to lack of lighting at Christmastime. Often times we celebrate in darker spaces with Christmas lights shining in the room.
For better pictures, try the following tips:

Be sure your object is behind the light not in front of it.
If the light is behind your object, your object will come out dark in your photo.

Try to take your photo under the light.
If the light is shining overhead, it will create a better photo.

If you are using a digital camera, and it has setting options, set it to the option that allows you to take pictures in the dark.

This setting will help add extra light to your photos and they will come out more clearly.

Keep your camera as steady as you can.
If your camera is moving as you shoot your pictures, it will make any lights in he back round smear and look very unclear.

If you are photographing children, try setting your digital camera on the sports setting.
We all know that children often do not enjoy sitting still. Setting your camera on the sports setting will help you take a clearer photo. If they are moving, it will shoot at such a quick speed it will look like they were still in the picture.

If you try these tips and your pictures still could use some help, go to www.picnik.com  to make corrections to your photos! 

This supposed to be a time of prayer and reflection. A time of giving and loving. Christmastime is a time for us to spend quality time with our friends and family… eating, playing and laughing. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? Does this sound like a dream to you? You may be saying, “Oh, yeah Deanna, you make it sound so easy!” Well, you can have this, year after year. Let me help you calm down and enjoy!

 If you are feeling stressed (like you want to pull out you hair or better yet, your husbands hair) follow some or all of these ideas:

Take 2 minutes and offer up a prayer for peace. Ask God to give you peace.

Just sit:
Even if you have to go into the bathroom, go in and sit. Breath in and out with deep breathes for 2 minutes. (Then pray, ha ha)

Step outside:
I know, it may be cold outside where you live. So what! Put on your coat and step out. Take some deep breaths and take in the beauty of nature around you.

Be thankful:
Get somewhere quiet and start to speak out loud all of the things you are thankful for.
(Always remember, there is someone out there with problems greater than yours, wisdom from my mom)
For example: If your children are yelling and hurting your ears, be thankful you have been given children.

Order in:
Have you baked enough cookies to last 5 years? Have you been cooking for parties and gatherings? Well, order in! Instead of cooking order pizza or Chinese… whatever you would like… pick up the phone to cook tonight!

Take a hot bath:
This helps me every time! If I am feeling tired or a little worn out, I wait until my son is in bed and my husband is watching sports and I take a hot bath with bubbles. I lay and read a good book as I soak. It is very relaxing!

Have a cup of hot tea. Something soothing. I like green or Oolong tea. Chamomile helps soothe the nerves!

Light a fire and enjoy a quiet evening!