Taking Steps in Order To Childproof Your Home

Childproofing your home may be one of the most important safety measures that you will ever take.  We love our children and we want them to be safe and stay out of harms way.  There are several ways in which to protect your child in the home.

 First, keep all toxic chemicals including cleaners, soap, insecticides, shoe polish, and any other poisonous substances out of reach.  You should place these things in a high shelf or cabinet that has a secure lock.  Sometimes children will climb without the parent ever suspecting a thing. 

 Second, keep any electrical cords or any sharp objects sway from the child’s reach.  It only takes seconds for a child to grab hold of a lamp cord and within seconds the heavy lamp could fall on top of the child causing serious injury.  In addition, all sharp objects including glassware, knives and other silverware need to be kept under lock and key. 

 Finally, never leave any chairs or stools around the child.  The small child could use a chair to climb to an area that may have harmful chemicals, hot water or some sharp object.  Never leave the child unattended for a second.  Many accidents involving children happen in the home with an adult already present.  Therefore, keep a watchful eye over the child at all times.

 Childproofing your home may be a hassle but it is something that must be done.  Children can be a handful and it takes them a while for them to learn right from wrong.