Taurus Love Life and Relationships

The most romantic planet in astrology is the planet Venus and this planet, Taurus, is your ruler. Venus makes you attractive to the opposite sex. Female Taureans will never be short of admirers and although you’ll be flattered by all this attention, you are quite “discriminating” when it comes to love.

You have a good sense of humour but you want more from a partner than someone who makes you laugh. You’re looking for stability, security, devotion and affection. You want a lasting and loving relationship so you aren’t the type of person who jumps into bed on your first date.

Venus is the planet of love so it’s hardly surprising that the more romantic your lover, the more impressed and interested in them you will be.

Male Taureans and Romance

Male Taureans enjoy romance as much as everyone else. Indeed, Taurus is one of the most highly sexed signs. You are charming, romantic and probably good looking too. But are looks important when it comes to such an important area in your life? Well, I have to say that as a red-blooded male, ruled by the planet Venus, you’re bound to admire a pretty face, a sexy body and shapely legs!

But in all seriousness, you aren’t likely to want to date a girl who flaunts her body. YOUR girl will be good-looking no doubt, but she’ll also be sensible enough to make sure that only you get to fully appreciate it. Yes, you’re one thoroughly jealous guy. And you DON’T intend to share your partner with anyone.

The Taurean’s Possessiveness

Both male and female Taureans are cautious and practical in nature. You’d like your partnership to last forever. Maybe this won’t be possible but once you start a love-affair they usually last for quite a while.

You’re stubborn in nature and this is one aspect of your personality which could mar your closest relationships. Remember that other people have thoughts and feelings too. Learn to respect the opinions of those you go around with and try not to expect to have your own way ALL of the time.

You were born under a possessive sign. It’s almost as if your partner is an extension of yourself. – A possession. – And as such, you might act as if you own that person. Now some lovers might not like to feel so restrained and restricted. Try not to sound suspicious when you ask where they were yesterday and who with. Indeed, try not to ask such searching questions at all.

A mention too, of your need for routine and stability as this is an important consideration when discussing your love life. Really, you can do without excitement and adventure. – Leave that for romantic novels. – In your own life you like to know where you stand. You need someone you can trust, respect rely on and relax with. You NEED a lasting lover.

What Taurus doesn’t want in a Relationship

All in all, what you don’t want in a relationship is a partner who tends to be unpredictable, over excitable and untrustworthy. You are looking for a steady love, a reliable partner and a loving relationship. You will find this through patience, through taking the time to get to know your partners BEFORE making serious commitments and through being honest about your needs with those you love.