Tcm Spotlight – Doris Day Collection Dvd Set

It is so nice that Turner Classic Movies has put together several sets of movie treats for fans, including the TCM Spotlight – Doris Day Collection DVD set.  As a fan of Doris Day, I was very excited to see this collection.

The set is comprised of 5 DVDs, with a single movie on each disk.  Each movie stars the incredible Day.  They are It’s a Great Feeling with Jack Carson and Dennis Morgan, Tea for Two with Gordon MacRae, Starlift featuring a ton of Hollywood greats including MacRae, April in Paris co-starring Ray Bolger, and The Tunnel of Love with Richard Widmark as the love interest.

The set does include bonus material.  In fact, each disk has something extra on it.  However, not all of these items are related to the movies.  Many are just examples of what was released in the era.

One of the extras included Breakdowns of 1949 which turned out to be a blooper real of Hollywood greats.  I have seen tons of bloopers over the years, but I have never seen these, and they were great.  We’re talking Gary Cooper, Milton Berle, Bette Davis, and many more.  It was a delightful surprise to see this on the first disk.

One of the extras that had nothing to do with the movie but just belonged to the era was called Spills and Chills about a female airplane rope walker.  Some of the disks also included Joe McDoakes shorts, like So You Want to Hold Your Husband.  Now that is a strange one about marriage counseling.  These short pieces all starred George O’Hanlon.  What is very amusing is that while O’Hanlon is a staple, he has a different actress as his wife all the time.

The Tea for Two disk includes a radio version of the play with both Day and MacRae that was actually done before Tea for Two was even filmed.  That was fun.

Some disks include cartoons, including Tom and Jerry.

There is a lovely picture of Day on the cardboard box that the DVD case slips into for storage.  The artwork is nice, and the disks are firm.  I really do like this set.