Teach the Colors Board Game

If you are the creative kind of person who is looking to make a board game to teach colors, this article is for you.

This is the perfect way to teach some basic colors to children before they start kindergarten. It is also a great way to teach colors to those learning English as their second language.

Items needed to make the board game

1 14×14 sturdy piece of cardboard
1 16×30 piece of white paper
6 sheets of different color construction paper
6 markers of the same color as the construction paper
1 1/2×1/2×1/2 or 1x1x1 inch cube
4 small Ziploc bags or envelopes
laminating sheets and clear contact paper
pencil or pen
clear tape or glue
masking or duct tape in color of choice (optional)

Prepare the board for the game

  1. Cover the cardboard with the white paper and secure it with clear tape or glue on one side only of the board.
  2. On the opposite side, with the ruler and the pencil or pen, draw two lines, each connecting two of the corners. This will create a space for each of the four players.
  3. Based on the colors of the pieces of construction paper, choose a design to be drawn in each of the triangles. You can make up your own design, such as flowers or candy, or you can search the internet for designs to copy.
  4. With the markers, color in the design, or just trace its borders using each color only once. Continue until all designs have been completed.
  5. Laminate the board with clear contact paper so it won’t get ruined. You can choose to just laminate the side with the design.
  6. Finally, if you wish, decorate the border with the masking or duct tape of your choice making sure to leave enough tape to be folded over to the other side.

Prepare the pieces for the game

  1. Take the cube and color a circle on all sides using one color per side.
  2. Out of construction paper, create the different shapes to match the design and colors already on the board. For example, if you have chosen to draw four flowers in each triangle, you will need to cut four stems, twenty petals – five of the same color per flower, and four centers for the flowers.  Repeat until you have enough pieces for each of the players.
  3. To make the pieces last, laminate each piece either with laminating sheets or clear contact paper.
  4. Place the pieces of each set into small bags or envelopes to make it easy to distribute to each player.

How to play the game

Now that the board game is prepared you are set to start playing it.

  1. Distribute a bag or envelope to each of the players. Although it is more fun if there are four players, this game can also be played with a lesser number of people.
  2. Decide who goes first. For this type of game, generally age is the determining factor, with the youngest going first.
  3. Roll the cube and based on the color rolled, choose the corresponding piece from the bag and place it on the same colored piece on the design.
  4. Lose a turn if you roll a color that has already been completed. For example, if you have a red flower and you have already rolled red five times, one for each petal, then you lose your turn.
  5. Win the game when all the pieces have been correctly placed on the design.

Computer generated images

If you are very good at creating designs with a computer program, you can choose to draw and color your picture with it. Make sure that you only use six colors as the cube only has six faces.

Follow the steps under “Prepare the board for the game” but replace steps 3 and 4 with the directions below:

  1. Draw a design and color it using a drawing computer program. Make sure that the dimensions of your picture will fit in the space created on the board.
  2. Once the design is complete, print out eight color copies of your drawing.
  3. Glue four of the designs to the board, one per space.
  4. Follow steps 5 and 6 to complete the board.


  1. Cut out the pieces of each of the remaining drawings and laminate them.
  2. Place each set in a bag or envelope.
  3. Color each face of the cube with the same colors chosen for your picture.

If you do not have a drawing program on your computer but still want a printed image, there are plenty of simple designs on the internet you can print out and use for the game. Once you have found what you like, follow the directions under “Computer generated images.”

This project is meant to be fun. Use your imagination, or that of your children, to come up with the perfect combination of colors and designs to make this a fun game to make and play for many years to come.