Teach your Children about the Bible While Making it Fun!

Sister Mary Catherine may need a ruler and the fear of God to teach her Sunday School class, but you don’t need to resort to such measures.  You can make learning about the Bible fun and informative at the same time.  Here are five ideas to get you started with teaching your children the scriptures.

1.  Roleplay

One of my most memorable activities as a child was building tents out of the kitchen chairs and some blankets, and pretending we were the Children of Israel in the wilderness. The same method was used to make Noah’s Ark as we brought our stuffed animals by twos onto our ark.  Many bible stories can be role played and you can discuss the story and its meaning at the same time.

2.  A Bible for Everyone

Buy a Bible for each of your children, even the preschool age ones.  The older ones can follow along and highlight the stories and ideas that they like.  Have stickers ready for the younger ones that they can put next to the stories you read together.  Later when they flip through their books, they can try to remember the stories themselves.

3.  Find comparisions

When possible, try to use comparisons between Biblical stories and today’s world.  Maybe we don’t have a problem with making Golden Idols, but what things do we tend to worship in our society that take us away from God? i.e. video games, money, etc.

4.  Be an artist

Have your children draw pictures of the stories you tell them.  This will help them to visualize what is happening and be better able to remember the stories later.

5.  Play a game

Reward yourself with a game of Bible trivia, or better yet, make your own board game based around the bible.  You will have fun creating it together and it will create long lasting memories for you.