Teachers Day Celebrations in India

Teachers’ day is celebrated on 5th of September in India. It is the birth anniversary of former president Dr S. Radhakrishnan, who was a popular and dedicated teacher. Teachers day is not a holiday in India but a day for some special celebrations.

There has always been a very high regard for teachers in India. There’s a very special way in which teacher’s day is celebrated in India. As a gesture of gratitude to their teachers, students of the senior classes dress up like teachers and teach the students in the junior classes. It’s a lovely sight  with young girls of 14-15 years trying to manage their saris* and handbags while young boys dressed up in formal attire like male teachers. Each and every teacher in the school is represented by a student who then takes classes and performs the duty of that teacher. The children usually carry self made cards or flowers for their teachers on this day. Many schools are open for half day.

 Students have a very high regard for their teachers and on this particular day they get an opportunity to express the same. In some Indian schools children also prepare entertainment programmes for their teachers. There is a sense the joy and excitement in all the schools on Teacher’s day. This unique way of celebration makes it an awaited event in schools. On this day there is happy, healthy and informal atmosphere in all the Indian schools.