Teaching Time: How to Help Your Teen Live an Organized Life

All play and no work. A rather cynical observation of the modern day teen. On the contrary most teens have more to chew upon than one would imagine. School, college, tuitions, hobbies, social service and part time jobs are all activities that literally keep a teen on the go first thing in the morning. Nevertheless a diehard attitude would definitely be a key to success on the academic and professional front. What’s worrying is the burnt out factor a teen would have to comprehend with if not guided or counseled in time. Thereby concerned parents and elders could definitely do their kids a favor through timely guidance in the form of various tips listed below.

Organized Daily Activity It’s important for a parent to inculcate a certain work ethic into a child. The all important management factor of planning should be instilled in a kid at a very young age. Such a factor would help a teen realize dreams, adhere to commitments and gain more control on one’s self. It would also help a teen accomplish day to day activity with consummate ease rather than get burned out for that matter. 

The Significance Factor It’s vitally important that a parent works in tandem with a child to help arrange routine activity by value rather than irrational thought on the part of a teen. This particular initiative would help a teen understand the significance of her work. It’s important not to intimidate and overburden a teen, but rather analyze a teen’s own capability and output.

Responsibility & Commitment Tomorrow never comes or it’s very unlikely that the sun’s going to rise first thing in the morning. . Responsibility and commitment in this sense would involve a certain amount of pushing and counseling on part of parents. Lack of commitment and prudent behavior of a teen would have to be nipped in the bud. Thereby certain elements of a nonchalant attitude would have to be curbed in order for a teen to become more responsible and committed.

Prioritize and simplify goals and objectives A myth that says learn to sit on a horse first rather than trying to gallop away to glory from day one. It’s important for a parent once again to reason out with a child to take things one day at a time. A parent should spell out the necessity of simplifying work procedures in order to achieve long term goals.

Limit science to good effect Science in this context would deal with technology. Yes the technological world and its unbelievable devices on offer could lead to many a kid losing focus from the real thing. PC’s, gadgets, play stations, smart phones, I pods, etc. should be used to good educational effects when left at a teens mercy. Teens generally get obsessed and distracted with such devices. Therefore it’s important for parents to limit a teen’s usage to such additive elements of modern day science and technology. 

Health & Fitness Teens are prone to junk food, abuse of unwarranted vices and unhealthy social life. It’s important for parents to signify the importance of a healthy diet to a teen to avoid further health complications. Teens are vulnerable to alcohol and drug abuse; thereby it becomes vitally important for parents to spell out harmful effects of the same to teens. Late nights and parties are also part of a teen’s agenda; therefore once again parents must stress the importance of a healthy life to a teen in general.