Tele Marketing

Telemarketing is the way to promote the products using TV. Product owners will advertise their products in TV in the means of a show or add and provide some contact numbers to order the product, if we are interested in the product we can call to the number and book our product and they will send the product via courier to our place and we can pay the money in various ways like credit card, online payment, cash on delivery and so on.

Telemarketing provides jobs to lot of persons with their call centers. Lot of people working as sales rep and call center executives with them. The sales representatives will do the door to door canvasing and give some troubles to the people with their marketing activity. This kind of sales rep come to the house and canvass the products and force the people to buy the product. Some persons are from original company and some people are scammers and sell the fake things.

The call center executives will call to random numbers to promote their product, if we made a call to them based on the TV ad, they will store our number and contact us frequently and force us to buy some other products of them. This kind of telemarketing persons giving troubles to other persons based on their profession and normal people will suffer a lot with this kind of activities.

Telemarketing is having both pros and cons, we can buy our favorite things easily by making a phone call or sms to them. But they will note our number and frequently call us about their new products and force us to buy the things this kind of activities will give more troubles and  irritation to us. 

Sometimes it is hard to understand their language and slang due to the different country, since Online marketing and telemarketing is an international service and different country people are working with them, it is very hard to understand some slang. Due to language problem we don’t have the ability to communicate with them properly and this kind of communication problems will give some issues to us. We must be very careful while buying things from Telemarketing.