Ten Easy Tips For Personal Hygiene

Maintaining Personal Hygiene is a necessary to stay healthy. Personal hygiene is a subject taught in schools but it has now become necessary to make people aware of it again. It is our hectic lifestyle that makes us to neglect personal hygiene that certainly adds up to lots of health problems. 

1.  Taking a daily bath is the most important step for the personal hygiene. It helps to clean the dust and bacteria that deposits on your body.

2. Wash the face and hands at least 2 to 3 times in a day as it is the area of your body that is exposed to the outer environment more than other body parts.

3. Wear the clean clothes. Avoid wearing the one set of clothes for more than a day because the dust and bacteria deposited on them may do harm to your health.

4. Thoroughly wash the hands after using the toilet. This keeps your hands free from the germs that deposit during this activity.

5.  Wear only the clean garments and don’t allow them to stink. Wash the undergarments daily with the detergent in order to remove the dirt deposited on them.

6. As a personal hygiene, wash your hairs at least twice in a day. This will remove the dust and dirt deposited on them. It would help to keep your scalp clean.

7. Keep your nails properly cut and avoid growing them as this would lead the accumulation of the dirt in the nails. So, it is always better that you cut your nails on hands and legs fingers regularly.

8. Never wear anybody else clothes as it not a good habit and it is unhygienic. Skin infections can be avoided by this.

9.  Clean the nostrils of your nose regularly. Never allow the dirt to get accommodated in the nose. 

10. Clean the eyes and the area next to the eyes regularly in the morning. This would prevent eye infections.