Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas

The week before Thanksgiving is an excellent time to deliberate on your Thanksgiving table setting.  There are certain things to do to make it look special.  Get inspired by taking a walk outdoors and collect natural elements for your centerpiece. Simultaneously, you could also plan to use these items for a Christmas wreath.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

Thanksgiving Table Setting and Centerpiece Ideas

Here are some ideas for a Thanksgiving centerpiece ranging from the simple to the luxurious, depending on the amount of time you choose to devote to it.

1. On a wooden table, fill a wooden bowl, large plate, basket, or tray with various autumn fruits such as apples and berries sur­rounded by nuts, figs, and dates. Use wooden candleholders paired earth-colored candles.

2. Cover a table with an interesting tablecloth and arrange any country container such as a rustic basket, an earthenware jar, or an antique tin can with dried flowers in the colors found in the tablecloth. Surround the centerpiece with votive candles.

3. Arrange various leaves in the center of the table and top with brilliantly stained dried gourds in different sizes and shapes. Make a hole in the top sides of little pumpkins or squash to carry candles at various heights.

4. For a formal Thanksgiving table setting, spray plastic fruits with gold paint and arrange them in a glass bowl. Use a white linen tablecloth, table napkins, and white candles set in glass candleholders. If you are crafty, spray-paint tiny clay pots with the gold to carry fat white candles.

5. For a unique tablecloth, use several yards of heavy unbleached muslin. Machine-wash it and don’t iron it. The cloth would take on a nice, soft, wrinkled look often found in old quilts. Fill an interesting container with citrus fruits and throw in sprigs of holly branches, pine cones, or tied cinna­mon stick bundles in between the fruits.

6. Make a pinecone basket. Get a suitable sized bas­ket, a bundle of pinecones, and a hot glue gun. Arrange the pinecones in rows round the basket and glue them in position so the entire outer portion of the basket is covered with the pinecones. Fill the basket with fresh twigs of fir or pine branches, put in polished red apples on top, and sprinkle a couple of cranberries over the greens.  Decorate the handle with wide French ribbons in hunter green or red.

7.  A bunch of fresh cranberries can be used as a centerpiece. Fill a white or red bowl with cranberries. Place the bowl on a lacey place mat or a paper doily at the center of the table. Surround the bowl with evergreens and set tapered candles inside the cranberry bowl.

8. As a table dressing, arrange three pots of fresh herbs on the center of a country style table. Use crisp white table napkins tied with green ribbons and insert a sprig of evergreen under each piece. Use white plates paired with a white votive candle at each seating place.

9. Paper-white bulbs placed inside low terra-cotta pots also create elegant and simple centerpieces which would last all winter long.

10. For a different white theme, fill a glass vase or a big white pitcher with French white or pale pink tulips. You can also set three or four stems of freesia in a stem holder placed in the middle of a large white bowl.