Thanksgiving With The Lovely Hearts

Every day is an opportunity to give thanks to the Lord, for bringing every brand new day in anyone’s life. When you see the stars hanging in the sky at night, or sun that shines the earth at day, or the fresh air to breath, which is free. Those are more than enough reasons for a great thanksgiving. But in the other countries, specifically in the US, they especially set a side a particular date for that remarkable day, “the Thanksgiving Day.”

Born in the Asian country, where thanksgiving is not usually observed, I never have any idea on how this special occasion being celebrated. I just have a little notion on the occasion from my husband Mike, and he told me all about food on the table. Its the evidence of abundance. It sounds to me that thanksgiving is likely a patron feast, which is very common to my country, especially in my province, Bohol for the catholic group in particular. I can imagine that, but what else? The what else there is what I like the most.

November 24, 2011 was my first thanksgiving, obviously in the US. Supposedly, it should be with my husband and Marcus, my stepson. However, the tragedy struck our family that we need to live separately. My husband is with God, choosing the best place. My stepson on his own lonely word, and me with the lovely people. And take not with beautiful noses. Guess what? I am the only person with Asian nose there. I wish to hide from their sight, huh!

Prior to that day, Jacque, my fairy godmother, and I did some stuffs such as, preparing the things she needed for that very day. Me slicing the onion and celery with tears. Can you picture what the onion did to me? And cracking eggs fro the dumplings, shhh! With the shell in it. No worry, we found it before it’s too late. It’s really clean. We washed it. Mmmm!

On the night before, the princess arrived with her prince, and my godmother was so happy. Of course! And the princes and other expected cousins to come were starting to drive their cars in the driveway also. I just wish her happiness was been completed, if the first born was there too. But you know, life is sometimes not fair. Maybe next year.

Here came the day, where everyone was busy doing their own menu for the table. Alex and Jen have their own. Ashley and Joseph with their deep fried turkey, and baked sweet potatoes with marshmallows on the top. Haven ‘t tried that yet. I will later. Everyone was shouting about what this for? Or where shall I put this one? Wow! Its like in the market, but that was fun. I smell love in the air. They love each other. They are a lovely family.

Thanksgiving Activities

Jacque chose to have dinner earlier than usual for the sake of Ashley and Joe, whom needs to come back to Indiana on that night too. Yet, there is no difference on it. It still a dinner. Embarrassed, I was chosen to give grace. I should say a longer thanksgiving prayer, but was thinking that they might not like it because, they really want to eat the turkeys on the table. I got the wing, yum. After grace, it’s about time for each and everyone to say, what they might be thankful for, through out the whole year. That was hard for me, you know. Surely God was been glorified with what we’ve said, about all the blessings we got. I saw Jacque and Mike, here husband were happy, to have their family together. That was their great thanksgiving for sure. Ooopppsss! I should not miss to mention the spotlight. The tossed for everyone, A Champagne.

It was great and memorable occasion to me as my first time, and as became a part of the family instantly. I hardly believe on what I got in my life right now. But you know, God is so great that He never let my life be miserable, despite of what happened. It is true that it is very hard to be thankful in the midst of sorrow. But The Lord said, we must be great full for everything. Everything has a reason, and a have a season. That is too much justification to be thankful enough.

I cried that day because my heart longed to celebrate the occasion with my husband. But my brand new family comforted me that everything would be okay. They made me feel at home, at least. Before to end, God brought a surprise for me. He brought my green card back in the thanksgiving day. Isn’t it wonderful?

My first thanksgiving was special, and lots of fun. I had it with the people who had a beautiful hearts. They are so nice to me, and they considered me as family, regardless of my color. Thank you Natonskis’ so much. Thank you for accepting me as part of your home, with an open arms, to a stranger like me. God will surely bless your heart. You are a good Samaritan in the modern day. I love you.

Moreover, Thanksgiving day was not just simply ended with eating, because we had another occasion to look forward. You know what is it? The Christmas Party. We end up the day, by having an exchanging list. Oh my, I got the long list, huh! Just kidding. Ho! Ho! Ho! I heard the sounds and the breeze of Christmas. Happy and just be happy soon, and always. Smile!