The Best Way to Love

Many has asked me this question, have you been in love girl? and many time too i answered, yes i did and smiled. Because i knew i have shared wonderful memories with men i believe i had loved and love me as well but after a short realization, a certain thing popped in my mind, was it really love? or it was just that i am just in love with the idea of falling in love? yes certainly its just the idea because i very much in love with fairy tales and i still do believe that fairy tales do happen in real life apparantly after a few years of hear braking stories and developing a great love stories, i havent had my own share of made in heaven real life happy ending, maybe not just now but im looking forward for my falling and rising and everything in between. I knew there are still a lot of heartbreaking stories i will soon faces and maybe one of those i will forget to love myself again but hopefuly there will also come a point where i can find fullfillment in this journey and finally find the other half which i am struggling all those years, of finding, of searching. Coz when that very day came, i would write my story and inspired others that indeed, happy endings are possible. if its just made in heaven, sgared by love and making God the center of your every wish.