The Blacksmith

When the construction of King Solomon’s temple ended in Jerusalem, the King gave a feast to which he invited all the workmen who had been engaged on the tremendous construction site.  When the guests were seated and ready to try  impress,   King Solomon suddenly said, ‘who is the main builder here? Whose was the greatest contribution to the creation of the magnificent temple?’

A mason got up and answered- the temple work is of our hands.  We masons built it stone by stone.  See how strong are the walls, the arches and the vaults.  It will stand for ages to the glory of  King Solomon.

A carpenter intervened saying that we, carpenters, can rightly consider ourselves to be the genuine creators of this beautiful temple.

Immediately, a digger cut in stating that if we had not dug the foundation ditch, your beautiful walls would have crumpled with mahogany finishings like a house of cards.

The wise King Solomon did not agree and asked both trio-‘who made your tools?

The trio got surprised and answered –the Blacksmith of course!’

Then the King rose and went up to the inconspicuous blacksmith who has not boasted so much about himself.  The King led him to the centre of the hall and declared that-the blacksmith is the main builder of the temple.

The wise King Solomon seated the Blacksmith beside himself on the broacaded cushions to treat him to a cup of fine wine.