The Break Up-Overcoming The Hurt

Love life may not be a bliss for everyone.And not every is lucky enough to get a good partner.Just think over this statement.Think of those times when you had a merry time with your partner.You could rate it as the best moment of your life.It may not be best everytime.I have seen people who sometimes felt rejected in relationship.They get to hurt to such an extent that they lose interest in worldly affairs.They fail to interpret things happening around them.This is an aftermath of getting rejected in love.Believe me very few people are capable of accepting defeat in lovelife.I’ve seen my close friends who could serve as the best example for this topic.It is a state of depression where you fail to understand things happening around you.You lose interest in your closed ones.You reminisce your past thinking of good times you had with your partner.I learnt all these topics from my idiot box.Trust me it can be very entertaining at times watching a Bollywood movies.Jokes apart,let me tell you that these things often have the tendency to affect your health.It is not going to help you again.That was past and we have future.Who knows in future you may not get rejected.I have always been highlighting these few factors like hurt,trust,fidelity

Breaking up is not easy – especially if you have to stop seeing someone who you really like and care about and the kind of person you think you are not going to meet any time soon because there are not just many individuals out there, who will be that special to you. Losing a love one inevitably breaks one’s heart and learning how to heal that broken heart is very important to our emotional health and to our ability to return to enjoying dating life promptly.

Indeed, we often have no choice but never see each other again, and therefore it’s worth knowing how to get over those break ups and continue moving forward with our lives with the right mindset.

When you decide to end a relationship, what follows can be a difficult, sometimes torturous series of events, especially if the feelings are deep-rooted, circumstances are intertwined, and the break-up isn’t mutual. It may be one of the hardest things you ever do, but otherwise, an unhealthy and unhappy relationship can drag on for years and perhaps even decades. Here’s how to be strong and end it now.

Think about why you are breaking up with this person.

 If you are simply upset with your partner, you should consider talking about what upset you and focus on resolving it, rather than ending the relationship. But if this same issue has already been discussed, yet nothing changes and you keep feeling unsatisfied, hurt, or betrayed, then breaking up might be the only way to end the pattern. Your partner will ask you why you want out, and you should be prepared with answers. Before having “the talk” that ends the relationship, do your best to articulate the reasons you are breaking up. If you have trouble remembering examples during emotional discussions or arguments, write your reasons down in advance. It may help to talk this over with someone you trust, or with a counselor.

Plan out how long you are willing to spend breaking up.

The actual conversation in which you break up with this person can last a lot longer than it should, especially if your partner is devastated or completely surprised by your decision. It’ll be much easier for you to stick to your guns if the conversation doesn’t drag out. Expect to spend at least one hour breaking up, and longer if the relationship lasted a year or more. You may even want to arrange an appointment with a friend in a neutral location so that you can say “I’m supposed to meet John/Jane at the restaurant in fifteen minutes