The Case of George Zimmerman And Shooting of The Black Boy Trayvon Martin

 On 26 February, 2012 it was a dark night and a slight drizzle was on.   A young black was walking in a predominant white locality with his face covered because of the drizzle. Unfortunately a white man George Zimmerman shot him dead, claiming that he had done it in self defense as he felt threatened.

Zimmerman was not arrested and no charges preferred. But there was a hue and cry in the national press and the parents of the boy in a press conference called for his arrest. The FBI came into the picture and began an investigation.

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR-n8EgXixqN5wuSPq2Y8oface of Zimmerman

The latest report is that Zimmerman has been arrested and charged with 2nd degree murder. H e was last denied bail and Zimmerman continues in custody. But there are many intricate problems with the case and there is every chance that the case may never go to trial before a jury. The reason is two fold. Firstly there is a racial divide in America and Zimmerman is part of the divide that treats the black with a different set of rules. Secondly American law is notoriously pro an act of self defense. As this is the plea of Zimmerman, there is every chance that the case will be thrown out by the judge on this plea itself and the case will thus have no chance of being tried at all.

Obama may have become the President of the USA, but American law is notoriously racial with the result that 40% of all prisoners are black, though they form only 10% of the population. Zimmerman’s case falls in the bracket of this bias. What if Zimmerman had shot a white youth? There is every probability that he would have been arrested straightway and the case committed to trial before a jury.

In the meantime the parents of the boys killed have expressed satisfaction at the arrest of Zimmerman and his denial of bail.  This has helped put the lid on an ugly episode that shows the seamier side of Life in America. The case in Florida has attracted world wide attention and one will have to wait and see   how the case progresses further, but the chances for the conviction of Zimmerman are remote.