The Clothing Doctor Offers Laundry Tips

Any average family is sure to do one load of laundry every day and that means a lot of time spent in the laundry room. There are individuals who are proud of the look of the families’ wardrobe, but even then the time you spend in the laundry room may be a waste.

Mentioned below are a few tips which talk about how to save time and spend time in the laundry room doing your laundry.

Ways to spend time hand washing

In case you have to hand wash a piece of garment because it needs special attention and is delicate allows all the water to drain away from the basin before placing the loosely knitted and fragile garment. It is important not to squeeze delicate material hurriedly to get rid of water as that may tear or stretch the garment.

You can save time by using shorter cycles

You may not be aware but 98 percent of the dirt gets eliminated in the initial two minutes of the wash cycle. The clothes you wear everyday which are not stained or soiled just need around six minutes of laundry and shorter wash cycles will help you save time, water and color loss in dark colored clothes.

Save time by washing clothes in smaller loads

It is best not to overload the washer as you may be able to wash more clothes, but they will not be properly cleaned. With a full washer clothes will not agitate or rinse well. You must ensure that the cloths are well distributed around the washer tub to maintain balance during the spin cycle.

You can save time by using the detergent properly

Most of the present day detergents need that you wait for it to dissolve, when the washer fills up before you add the clothes. This will make you wait for two minutes on every load and over 12 hours are spent on waiting in a year. You can use OxiClean Detergent Ball which remains in the washer, ready all the time. You can drop it once and it will last for 25 laundry loads. This will save time spending in adding detergent each time on the load.

There are times when taking additional time is the best option to keep a good looking wardrobe, but many times it is unnecessary. To know when to give more time washing and at what times you can save time to keep your clothes looking the best.