the day i met you

How I get you?

I can’t believe on my fate

When I met you I know how stupid was I?

But you always smile

Always forgive me if I did something wrong

Always laugh when I make weird jokes

When I see you smiling I can’t take my eyes off you

Because your face looks good in smile

But smile looks more good on your face

Whenever we meet we come closer,

Each day I miss you

Hope to see you , to meet you

I have made a promise

But many times I lost hope

But then I remember you and my lost hope, come back

I remember our first meeting

How childish was I that time?

I ask and say whatever my heart say, even the bad things

But now whenever I meet you

I try not do the stupid things I have done earlier

I don’t want to loose you

That’s why I always care now what to say you?

When I was trying to look backward

You hold my hand

And pull me towards yourself

and We even come closer than before

I can sense the heat of your body in the cold nights

Your soft caring hand over me

Your warm breath

Which makes my heart, beats

Whenever I see the moon

I always remember your face

Thought what is she doing now?

May be thinking about me or something else

When I meet you I try to make you smile

So that you can remember me

As a person who always makes you smile

I like you too much

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