The different ways of happiness!

There are many things that a person can do to keep happy; here is a following list:

1)Go to a carnival or state fair-There are many rides and food concession stands to keep people of all ages happy.

2)Write poetry-Writing is very therapeutic and relieves stress.  Poetry comes from the heart and evokes many emotions.  You could even enter your poetry in writing contests and get paid for your hard work.  What are you waiting for, write today!

3)Go for ice cream-If you have a sweet tooth, why not indulge in a hot fudge sundae or vanilla ice cream presented in a delicious sugar wafer cone?  Ice cream is the prefect American delight and makes everyone happy!

4)See a movie-You could stay at home and watch rental movies and you could watch that awesome movie in a large screen at your local cinema.  Try to go to the matinee early so you can get a discount in the movie price.

5)Join a club-If you love languages, join a foreign language club.  If you love to play board games, there are chess and Scrabble clubs.  There are even culture clubs so that you could become enriched with the country’s way of life.

6)Take a trip to a foreign country- If you always wanted to visit Spain or France, save up some money and get as much information as possible about the country via bookstores, tourist offices, the internet, travel agencies, etc.  so that you can become prepared in knowing the different customs, currency, hotspots, restaurants, places of interest, etc.

There are many different things that you can do to be happy in life.  Just get out there and explore your world today. :))).