The Doris Day Show: Dinner For Mom

The Doris Day Show: Dinner for Mom is the first episode to air of this comedy series that featured film and singing star, Doris Day.  I don’t believe it was the first show shot, though.  However, it was a nice show to set the tone and introduce viewers to all of the main characters.

Now this series changed each season that it was on the air with Day’s character of Doris Martin being the only element to remain, though the character changed dramatically.

Initially as we see in Dinner for Mom, Martin is a widow with two young sons.  She has returned to Northern California to live with on her father’s ranch.  We get a nice moment of remembrance for her dead husband, just to show the love that was there.

Day is brilliant.  She is that wonderfully perky, cheery character that made her famous in films.  We see her spunk as well when she goes up against the foe of the show, a restaurant owner played nicely by character actor Norman Alden.

The premise has the two boys wanting to take their mom out to dinner, only they don’t have enough money.  It may be a predictable plot, but it’s a happy and moving one as well.

The show also features Denver Pyle as Doris’ dad, Philip Brown and Tod Starke as the boys, James Hampton as a ranch hand, Fran Ryan as the housekeeper, and Lord Nelson as, yes, Lord Nelson.  He’s a dog, one of the best of his eras for show business.

I smiled pretty much through the entire show.  It was nice to see it again.