The Driveability Of The Car Base

There are several aspects of their ability to driving, and depending on your car design, structure and type that they all have different characteristics.

This car handling article we will discuss the basics of the terms and characteristics that affect the driving characteristics of the car.


The front wheels of a car steering tends to slide in a bit and drift to the outside of the turn. Many cars tend to have suffered them Steer built by manufacturers because it is considered a safer option than managing for the average motorist.


The rear wheels steering the car for more than a tendency to slide up and turn slightly outward. The driver must be corrected by controlling the tail, otherwise the car is taken to run if you push the limit. Oversteer is sometimes useful for an experienced pilot can manipulate the power of control on a car rear-wheel drive or 4wd, while cornering.Bumpsteer:

It is caused by the effect of the suspension of the cars on the road. Very often, the suspension can not be fast enough in a movement up or down to make contact between the wheels and the road surface. The wheels leave the road surface and therefore change its yaw angle, causing stroke direction.

Weight distribution and transfer:

My car will affect the treatment of motor vehicle distribution and weight so the weight is transferred during braking or cornering, even accelerating. When the angle, the car moves out of the weight of the suspension / wheels / tires cause the car to roll when braking into a corner, it is also possible to apply a greater amount of load off the front corner of the suspension of your car / wheel / tire (such as driving more efficiently in another article). Some cars are usually less than controls, and others who try to drive over. RWD oversteer and usually front-wheel drive cars usually under control. This is complemented by the amount of weight over the center of gravity and the car registration number of the car (the lack of rigidity of the suspension).

If you are going to do anything Spirits curves (line), we suggest you learn the features of your car and how to make changes when certain conditions arise.

Leads up if you plan to run or you simply want out of the car, and took the performance, you can reduce the weight moved and moved, the addition of a light metal, light / or remove and replace the bumper, doors, fenders, bonnet, boot, etc. replace fiberglass. In addition, reduced by the amount of weight transfer when braking, acceleration and cornering the car will benefit from the increased power to weight ratio.

Track: a wider track (distance from wheel to wheel another way width) and lateral weight transfer less body fat.

Wheelbase: The longer wheelbase (the distance from one wheel to the other ways the length of the wheel), transfer less weight on the first page is under braking.

affect the center of gravity:

By lowering your center of gravity cars, you can improve your management of cars. In addition to the suspension mods, there are other things that can be done to help, even how you depends on what your car is used. Use of plastic windows, a roof made of plastic or fiberglass hood and trunk to reduce the severity.


The drive wheels may affect vehicle handling. A car rear wheel is more likely to steer while the front wheels and four wheel drive cars tend to under STEER.

Power Wheels:

And ‘possible (experienced driver) to control rear wheel drive car to compete. This has become a popular crowd adrift. Using the power to create more than an experienced driver can control to manipulate the cars cornering ability.

Steering response:

My car steering mechanism and the response may influence the management car, there is some improvement in aftermarket steering components available in some cars. Mechanical rack and pinion steering system is pretty good. Some cars also have 4-wheel steering – Honda Prelude, Mitsubishi 3000GTO, Nissan Skyline (stock options), but this has become less popular with manufacturers of today.


May affect your treatment, provided the most support you at higher speeds, the more stable your car to be. Low force will improve your work suspension cars and create a more positive contact with your car tires, improve adhesion. Adding a rear spoiler to increase support to the rear at high speed depending on the car