The Emergence of The Stages of Acne

Acne is an annoying skin problems that can interfere with self-confidence. Plus a stubborn acne scars. Know the stages of acne more manageable.

Acne commonly appears on the face, neck, back and chest. Stages in severe acne also determines whether or not the inflammation and pain that appears.

If the acne is still at an early stage, then the treatment is carried out tend to be easy. As quoted from eHow, Thursday (10/06/2010) there are some stages when pimples arise:

Stage 0
This stage means that there are small signs of acne and do not really worry about, including the appearance of small acne-kecl. This condition can subside within 1-2 days, unless there are signs that the acne is enlarged.

Phase 1
This is the beginning stages of acne usually begins with blackheads (whitehead). Seen a few white spots on the face, especially in the tip of the nose, lower lip and the nose angle. This condition does not cause inflammation, but a few days later there will be a black dot in the area. If someone does not eliminate it with a sterile manner, then there will be an opportunity for acne to develop further.

Phase 2
At this stage it would appear that mild inflammation is usually accompanied by papules. Papules are lesions (sores) skin slightly enlarged but the small size and dense. This condition is also known as mild acne, if it can be given good treatment then it can control acne.

Stage 3
In this stage papules on the skin has begun to grow and looks inflamed. Treatment should normally require medical assistance.

Stage 4
Acne that appears already turned into pastules. Basically this pastules containing pus, appear inflamed and there is a white tip. If you’ve reached this stage, you should not squeeze pimples carelessly.

Stage 5
If skin problems are not controlled, it can enter the severe stage. Blob (nodule) will begin to appear at this point. Pastules are more developed in the face that contains pus, dead skin cells, white blood cells, bacteria and sebum. Clots that inflamed this can extend into the deeper parts of the skin and cause pain. If she is skin deep, it can cause scarring.

Stage 6
At this stage the skin will look red and blood acne can arise from this if injuries occur. This stage resulted in infection and increase the potential for subsequent acne.

Stage 7
In this stage the use of drugs is needed to help clean up all the lumps (nodules) and pimples containing pus. This treatment should be performed by a dermatologist for acne is more restrained and did not develop further.

Stage 8
This condition is one of the stages of healing of acne where one can see the scars or acne scars point. To eliminate it needed special treatment to the acne scars to avoid permanent scarring.

There are several things that can cause acne is hormonal fluctuations, overactive oil glands, heredity, seasonal factors, consumption of caffeine, smoking, pregnancy, stress factors, lack of care for the skin so the skin clean and not dirty or oily skin so that the dirt is easy to stick.