The Essence Of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Often clients will come to their first appointment, anticipating instant remedies, the new miracle pill once assigned to the doctors. “Just give me some techniques to cope and I’ll be fine!” they cry. It’s true that Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is well known for its effective intervention techniques.

However, its really important and it’s an essential part of this approach, to take the time initially, to develop a working concept about you as a particular individual. First step of the therapy starts with having the concept that ties a cognitive behavioral therapy with your psychological makeup.In this method of treatment helps you in breaking those avoidance and helplessness patterns of yours. You can learn ways to face up to fearful situations and build on your list of coping skills thereby reduce the painful, agonising emotions that pop up automatically. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a powerful too that promotes a positive change in life, it also works in eliminating symptoms of suffering.

The therapy is done with you and the therapist working side by side, the therapist and you look for ways you are thinking, in this way helping you understand the errors and thus helping you change how you thought on things automatically. Then future triggers can be managed. As you become more adept at recognising your thinking errors, you’ll be able to avoid “catastrophic” thoughts that plummet you downward in stressful situations. This is a benefit that keeps on working even after therapy ends.

CBT which has roots in ancient writings and more recently when Aaron T Beck published his works in the 1960?s, has become one of the most widely practised forms of psychotherapy. The reason for these are the large amount of empirical research which tests their theories and demonstrated the good results as a treatment mode.

It really is a common sense approach. Epictetus the Greek philosopher wrote, ” Men are disturbed not by the things which happen, but by the opinions about the things.”