The Fastest Ways to Publish Your Novel


You can choose to finance the publication of your book through self-publishing.  This way, you control everything that gets published: the text, the design, the layout, the cover, the pictures – everything.  Plus, unlike selling your manuscript to commercial publishers where they end up owning your work and all the rights along with it, you get to reserve all rights to your book and continue to claim ownership. All you need to do this is to gather a considerable amount of money to fund it all.


Electronic books are rapidly increasing in popularity these days. All you need is a well-written manuscript, an internet connection, sites to promote your work, and you’re good to go.  E-books are usually available in portable document format (.pdf), or in other forms using e-book making software.  With the advent of online shopping and internet ads, you’ll get readers in no time.

Build a Website

Domains are easy to get, and are rather affordable these days. You can choose to build your own site, and publish your book there. You can also integrate your domain with advertisers such as Google Adsense so you can earn revenue from the traffic you get. Free viewing or paid downloads are options you will want to consider.


A number of blog sites pay writers to submit their work and share revenue with them based on the number of clicks the piece gets.  You can sign up for a free account with these sites, submit your work in parts – that way you can get more clicks – and wait for residual income every month.