The Haunting in Connecticut (2009): Not so ‘Haunting’ after all

Starring: Virginia Madsen, Kyle Gallner, Elias Koteas, Amanda Crew, Martin Donovan, Sophi Knight, Ty Wood, Erik J. Berg, John Bluethner, D.W. Brown, and John B. Lowe.


Directed by: Peter Cornwell.


I find it very amusing how newcomer directors are so gullible that they allow themselves to fall into the trap of making the same old horror movie with the same old scare cliches without making one single effort to set themselves apart from the rest of the godawful sheep. That happens to be the case with director Peter Cornwell with his latest effort “The Haunting in Connecticut”. Mind you, the last thing he did before this movie was “Post Apocalyptic Pizza” (a TV series), wow, a very bright choice for a film that is supposedly based on a true account of events. My guess is that Hollywood knew the script was garbage but saw a way to cash in on it anyway so they attached the dumbest person available to do the dirty work. The one positive thing about this movie were the performances done by mother and son characters – Virginia Madsen and Kyle Gallner.


The story takes place in 1987 where Matthew William Campbell, a cancer patient who is on trial therapy at a hospital, stays with his mom who decides to rent a house for the both of them to give him a little break from the treatment. We soon learn that this place used to be a funeral home. Ah ha! There’s a rule of thumb, when renting…