“The Help” by Kathryn Stockett

Recently I have just finished reading the novel “The Help” by Kathrynn Stockett. In rating this book I would give it a 4/5 stars. I don’;t really know what I’;m basing this rating on but I do assure you this is defintely a good book.

The plot of this book revolves around he town Jackson, Mississippi (thank goodness i spelled that right). This book is portrayed after the civil war during the civil rights movement. Even though there is many reforms occuring for blacks during this time, Jackson is still highlighed as one of the still more consistenly racist towns in America. Skeeter, an oddly tall woman, unlike most of Jackson’;s inhabitants, has a peculiar admiration for blacks in this town including her former maid. She also wants to be a writer which is a very odd goal for the average Jackson woman. As she pursues her writing career she finds herself attempting to write about the lives of maids in Jackson, a very controversial topic in the area.

This gives a rare lucid illustration of the attitute towards blacks that many white southerners had. Skeeter is defnitely one of the few people in this novel who illustrates any form of respect torwards blacks. Themes of this novel are parsimoniousness, abuse, fear, ect. 

Fear is undoubtedly one the most relavent themes of this novel. Black in this novel are definitely afraid of the consequences of crossing whites which is a conception that many people may not have understood during this time. Maids worked vigorous hours but were unwilling to even request minimum wage at the fear of getting fired. The idea of segregation and the way southerners interpreted it is extremly fascinating in this novel.

Overall, this novel is a excellent read for anybody curious about the lives of blacks or the civil rigts movement. It gives a lot of information about the struggles blacks faced even after slavery ended and the strong animosity between the races. What I enjoyed most about the book is that it was quite honest in the characters. Though we can’;t really associate this book with present times, it is a very good book in remembering past struggles.

If you haven’;t already read, give it a chance!