The Holy Bible: The Old Hymns (Psalms) Chapter 121-140

     121[1-8] A Song of Ascents. I’ll set my eyes on the mountains of God, from where my help comes. My help comes from Yahweh God, who made heaven and earth. God won’t let your foot slip, because the One that keeps you won’t sleep. See, the One that keeps Israel, the people of God, will not slumber, nor sleep. Yahweh is your keeper; Yahweh will overshadow you. The sunlight won’t expose you by day, nor will the moon by night. Yahweh will save you from all evil, yes, God will save your soul. Yahweh will save you when you leave out and when you enter any place from this time forward, and forever.

    122[1-9] A Song of Ascents of David. I was glad when they said to me, Let’s go into the House of God of Yahweh. Our feet will stand within Your gates, oh Jerusalem. Jerusalem is a city that is built tightly together, where the people go up, that is, the people of Yahweh, to give the testimony of Israel, and to give thanks to the Name of Yahweh. For there, the seat of judgment is set, the reign of the house of David. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem; for those who love it will prosper. Let peace be within its walls, and prosperity within its mansions. For my family and friends’ sakes, I’ll say now, Let peace be on Jerusalem. I’ll seek its good, because of the House of God of Yahweh, our God.

     123[1-4] A Song of Ascents. I lift up my eyes to You, the One who lives in the heavens. See, as the eyes of people look to their overseers for direction, and as the eyes of daughters to their mother; so our eyes look to Yahweh our God, until God has mercy on us. Have mercy on us, oh Yahweh, have mercy on us, for we’re much disgraced. Our souls are greatly shamed by those that have an easy life, and by their proud hatred of us.

     124[1-8] A Song of Ascents of David. If it hadn’t been for Yahweh being on our side, let Israel say now; if it hadn’t been for Yahweh being on our side, when people rose up against us, and when their anger was hot against us, they would have quickly overcome us. And when the waters would have overwhelmed us, then the river would have gone over our heads. Yes, the flood waters would have gone over our heads. May Yahweh be blessed, who hasn’t let us be overcome. Our souls escaped as a bird out of the hunter’s trap; for the trap was broken, and we’ve escaped. Our help is in the Name of Yahweh, who made heaven and earth.

     125[1-5] A Song of Ascents. Those that trust in Yahweh will be as mount Zion, which cannot be shaken and will always be there. As the mountains that surround Jerusalem, so Yahweh surrounds the people of God from now to eternity. For the rule of the sinful won’t stay in the land given to godly people; or else they would be tempted to sin. Do good things, oh Yahweh, to those that are good, to those whose hearts are righteous. As for those that practice crooked ways, Yahweh will take them away with the sinful, but let peace stay on Israel.

     126[1-6] A Song of Ascents. When Yahweh released the people of Jerusalem from captivity, we were in a dream-like state. We were filled with laughter, and singing, and then we said among the ungodly, Yahweh has done great things for us. Yahweh has done great things for us; for which we’re glad. Free us again from the captivity of our sin, oh Yahweh, as the streams that flow in the south. Those that sow seeds of tears will reap a harvest of joy. Those that go on with the precious seed of repentance will doubtless come again with celebrating, bringing a good harvest with them.

    127[1-5] A Song of Ascents for Solomon. Unless Yahweh builds the house, those that build it work for nothing. Unless Yahweh keeps the city, the night watchman stays awake for no reason. It’s of no use for you to rise up early, or to sit up late, only to worry about your own sorrows; for God gives sleep to those who are beloved. See, children are the inheritance of Yahweh, and the child in the womb is God’s gift. As a strong hunter powerfully handles weapons; so the children of their youth are their strength. Those who have lots of children will be happily rewarded; and they won’t be publicly shamed, but will have an answer to their enemies’ accusations.

128[1-6] A Song of Ascents. Every one that respects Yahweh is blessed, all those who walk in the ways of God. You’ll eat from the work of your hands and be happy, and it’ll be well with you. Your spouse will be as a fruitful vine beside your house and Your children will sprout up like olive plants around your table. See, the people that respect Yahweh will be blessed. Yahweh will bless you out of Zion, and you’ll see the good of Jerusalem all the days of Your life. Yes, you’ll see your grandchildren, and peace in Israel.

     129[1-8] A Song of Ascents. Many times they have abused me from my childhood, God’s people can now say: Many times they have abused me from my childhood; yet they haven’t overcome me. The farmers plowed on my back, making long furrows. Yahweh is righteous, for God has cut the cords of the sinful in half. Let those that hate Jerusalem all be confused and retreat. Let them be as the grass on the housetops, which withers before it grows up, and in which the mowers don’t fill their hands; or those that bind sheaves fill their hearts. And those who go by won’t say, The blessing of Yahweh be on You: bless You in the Name of Yahweh.

     130[1-8] A Song of Ascents. Out of the depths of my soul I’ve cried to You, oh Yahweh. My God, hear my voice; let Your ears listen to the sound of my prayer. If You, oh Yahweh, should keep a record of sins, oh my God, who could stand before You? But forgiveness is with You, so that You can be respected. I wait for Yahweh, my soul waits, and it’s in Your Word that I hope. My soul watches for the Savior more than those that watch for the morning; yes I say, more than those that watch for the morning. Let Israel hope in Yahweh; for with Yahweh there’s more than enough mercy to buy us back from our sin. And God will free Israel from all their sins.

     131[1-3] A Song of Ascents of David. Yahweh, my heart isn’t proud, nor do my eyes look down on anyone; nor do I exercise myself in great matters or in things too brilliant for me. Surely I’ve behaved and comforted myself, as a weaned child: even my soul is as a weaned child. Let Israel hope in Yahweh now and forever.

    132 [1-7] A Song of Ascents. Yahweh, remember all the afflictions of David: How he swore to Yahweh, and vowed to the mighty God of Israel; Surely I won’t come into the safety of my house, nor go to my bed; I won’t let my eyes sleep or even close my eyelids, until I discover a place for Yahweh, a house for the mighty God of Jacob. See, we heard of it at Ephratah and found it in the fields of the woods. So we’ll go into the House of God and worship at the footstool of God.

     [8-12] Arise, oh Yahweh, into Your resting place; You, and Your powerful craft. Let Your priests shine with Your righteousness; and let the people of God loudly celebrate. For Your worker, David’s sake, don’t turn the face of Your anointed away. Yahweh has sworn in truth to David, and won’t break this promise; I’ll set on Your throne One of your own descendants. If your children will keep My covenant and My testimony that I’ll teach them, their children also will sit on your throne continuously.

     [13-18] For Yahweh has chosen Jerusalem; God has wanted it for a resting place saying: This is My resting place; I’ll stay here forever; for this is what I’ve wanted. I’ll bless what they have even more, satisfying the poor with food. I’ll also cover the priests with My saving grace, and the people of God will loudly celebrate. There I’ll make the strength of David to grow: I’ve chosen My Anointed One to reflect My glory, whose enemies I’ll cover with shame, but the crown of the One I anoint will outshine them all.

     133[1-3] A Song of Ascents of David. See how good and pleasant it is for the family of God to be together as one!  It’s like the precious oil on Aaron’s head, that ran down on his beard, flowing all the way down to the skirts of his garments; As the dew of Mt. Hermon, that descended on the mountains of Jerusalem: for there Yahweh gave the blessing of eternal life.

134[1-3] A Song of Ascents. Bless Yahweh, everyone who worships by night in the house of God. Lift up your hands in the House of God, and worship Yahweh, who made heaven and earth, and who will bless you from Jerusalem.

     135[1-5] Praise Yahweh! Praise the Name of Yahweh; Praise God, oh people of Yahweh. All you who worship in the house of Yahweh, in the sanctuary of the house of our God, praise Yahweh; for Yahweh is good: Sing praises to the Name of God, which sounds sweet to our ears. Yahweh, You have chosen Jacob for Yourself and Israel for Your particular treasure. I know that Yahweh is great, and that our God is above all great ones.

     [6-12] Whatever Yahweh wanted was done in heaven, and on earth, in the seas, and in every deep place. God causes the water to evaporate, ascending from all over the earth; God makes the lightning in the rain; God brings the wind out of its places in heaven: Yes, God who struck the firstborn of Egypt, both people and beast. And who sent signs and wonders in Egypt, on Pharaoh, and on all his people. And who struck great nations and slaughtered rulers; Sihon ruler of the Amorites, and Og ruler of Bashan, and all the nations of Canaan, giving their land for an inheritance, a heritage to the people of Israel.

     [13-21] Your Name, oh Yahweh, lasts forever; and You will be remembered, oh Yahweh, throughout all generations. For You, Yahweh will judge Your people, and will be compassionate toward Your children. The ungodly worship their statues of silver and gold, creations of human hands,  having mouths, but not speaking; having eyes, but not seeing; having ears, but not hearing; nor is there any life in them. Those that make them are as dumb as they are, and so is every one who trusts in them. Bless Yahweh, oh house of Israel: bless Yahweh, oh house of Aaron: Bless Yahweh, oh house of Levi, and all you who respect God, bless Yahweh. May Yahweh be blessed from out of Zion, whose resting place is at Jerusalem. Praise Yahweh!

136[1-9] Oh give thanks to Yahweh; for God is good: for the mercy of God lasts forever. Oh give thanks to the God of all great ones: for the mercy of God lasts forever. Oh give thanks to the Savior of Saviors: for the mercy of God lasts forever. To the One, who alone does great wonders: for the mercy of God lasts forever. To the One that by wisdom made the heavens: for the mercy of God lasts forever. To the One that brought the earth out of the waters: for the mercy of God lasts forever. To the One that made the great lights: for the mercy of God lasts forever: The sunlight to rule by day: for the mercy of God lasts forever: The moon and starlight to rule by night: for the mercy of God lasts forever.

     [10] To the One that struck Egypt’s firstborns: for the mercy of God lasts forever: And brought Israel out from among them: for the mercy of God lasts forever: With a strong hand, and with an out stretched arm: for the mercy of God lasts forever. To the One, who divided the Red Sea into two parts: for the mercy of God lasts forever: And made Israel to pass through the midst of it: for the mercy of God lasts forever: But overthrew Pharaoh and his army in the Red Sea: for the mercy of God lasts forever. To the One, who led the people of God through the wilderness: for the mercy of God lasts forever. To the One, who struck great rulers: for the mercy of God lasts forever: And slew famous rulers: for the mercy of God lasts forever: Sihon ruler of the Amorites: for the mercy of God lasts forever: And Og the ruler of Bashan: for the mercy of God lasts forever: And gave their land for a heritage: for the mercy of God lasts forever.

     [22-26] Even a heritage to the people of God, to Israel: for the mercy of God lasts forever. Who remembered us in our humility: for the mercy of God lasts forever: And has bought us back from our enemies: for the mercy of God lasts forever. Who gives food to everyone: for the mercy of God lasts forever. Oh give thanks to the God of heaven: for the mercy of God lasts forever.

137[1-6] We sat down and wept by the rivers of Babylon, when we remembered Jerusalem. We hung our harps on the willows beside it. For there, those that carried us away captive, demanded us to sing a song to amuse them, saying, Sing us one of the songs of Jerusalem. How can we sing Yahweh’s song in a foreign land? If I forget Jerusalem let my hands forget their skill. If I don’t remember you; if I don’t prefer Jerusalem above my favorite enjoyment, let my tongue cling to the roof of my mouth.

     [7-9] Remember, oh Yahweh, the children of Edom in the day of Jerusalem; that said, Destroy it, destroy it, even to the foundation of it. Oh children of Babylon, who will be destroyed; God, who punishes you as you’ve punished us, will be joyful. God will be joyful, who revenges us against you and your children.

     138[1-3] A Hymn of David. I’ll praise You with my whole heart: I’ll sing praise to You before the great ones. I’ll worship toward Your holy House of God and praise Your Name, Yahweh, for Your love, and for Your truth, because You’ve glorified Your Word even above Your Name. In the day when I cried, You answered me, and built me up with strength in my soul.

     [4-8] All rulers on the earth will praise You, oh Yahweh, when they hear Your Words. Yes, they’ll sing in the ways of Yahweh: for great is the glory of Yahweh. Though Yahweh is the Savior, God respects those who have humility, but barely knows those who think they are better than everyone else. Though I’m in trouble where I walk, You’ll revive me. You’ll stretch out Your hand against the rage of my enemies, and Your strong hand will save me. Yahweh will complete everything that concerns me, for Your mercy, oh Yahweh, lasts forever; so don’t give up on the creation of Your own hands.

     139[1-6] To the first musician, A Hymn of David. Oh Yahweh, You’ve examined me, and know me well. You know when I sit down and when I get up; You understand my thoughts from where You are. You come to me whether I am awake or asleep, and know all my ways. There isn’t a word in my mouth, oh Yahweh, that You don’t thoroughly know. You’ve come behind me and before me, and laid Your hand on me. Such knowledge is too wonderful for me; it’s so wonderful, I can’t even imagine it.

     [7-12] Where can I go away from Your spirit? Or where can I run from Your presence? If I go up into heaven, You are there, or if I make my bed in hell, You are even there. If I were to leave first thing in the morning, and live on an island in the farthest part of the sea; even there Your hand will lead me, and Your strong hand will hold me. If I say, Surely the darkness will cover me; even the night will be light around me. Yes, the darkness won’t hide me from You; but the night would shine as the light of day, because to You, the darkness and light are both alike.

     [13-16] You’ve made my mind passionate for You, protecting me from my mother’s womb. I’ll praise You; for I’m powerfully and wonderfully made: Your creations are awesome; as my soul knows so well. My essence wasn’t hid from You, when I was conceived in private, and so interestingly created. Your eyes saw my substance, while I was still imperfect; and all my members were noted in Your book, which were formed each in their turn, before any of them were even formed.

     [17-24] How precious and how great, oh God, are Your thoughts to me! If I should count them, they’re more numerous than the grains of sand: and when I awake, I’m still with You. Surely You’ll destroy the sinful, oh God: so leave me alone, you bloodthirsty people. For they speak wickedly against You, and Your enemies vainly misuse Your Name. Don’t I hate them, oh Yahweh, those that hate You? And am not I grieved with those that rise up against You? I hate them with complete hatred, counting them my own enemies. Look me over, oh God, and see my heart; question me, and know my thoughts: See if there is any sinfulness in me, and lead me to eternity.

140[1-5] To the first musician, A Hymn of David. Free me, oh Yahweh, from evil people: save me from the violent people who imagine mischief in their hearts; and always gang up for a fight. They’ve sharpened their tongues like the fangs of a serpent, whose poison is in their words. Selah! Keep me, oh Yahweh, from the hands of the sinful; save me from violent people who intend to defeat what I do. People who think they are better than me have hid their traps for me, spreading a net in the wayside and ropes with a noose to hang me. Selah!

     [6-13] I said to Yahweh, You are my God, so hear the voice of my prayer, oh Yahweh. Oh God, my Savior, the strength of the grace that saves me, You’ve protected me in the days of fighting. Yahweh, don’t give the sinful what they want and don’t further their sinful plans; or they’ll praise themselves. Selah! Let the mischief of their own words fall on the heads of those that surround me. Let them be cast into a fire with burning coals falling on them; or into deep pits in which they can’t get out of again. Don’t let those who speak evil become well known in the earth: let evil hunt violent people and overthrow them. I know that Yahweh will uphold the case of the abused, and the right of the poor. Surely godly people will give thanks to Your Name, and always stay in Your presence.