The importance of software testing certification can be judged from the salary drawn by the testers

Companies like TCS, IBM, HCL, and Infosys are paying huge salary to get a good tester into their team. This is encouragement enough for those individuals who are willing to opt for software training course.

It is a genuine fact that many people who are taking software testing training from institutes like “the knowledge academy” are getting highly paid jobs in big companies around the world. Many students who did their software testing training and then software testing certification from this institute have made a big name for themselves in the field of testing around the world. The importance of choosing the right institute lies in the fact that companies prefer to take campus interviews in only those institutes who have good reputation and hence choice of institute can be the game changer. It has been seen that those who have opted for not so famous institutes have failed badly in the field of testing. The failure of a tester to use the modern testing tools and get the bugs out a system could lead to a major loss for a company and so the companies would not like taking up employees from mediocre institutes.

Enrolling into software testing courses and then later on passing ISEB software testing examination can be a big benefit as it can be a differentiator between a glamorous resume and an ordinary resume while applying for a job. This ISEB testing certification is bound to keep the candidate one step ahead of the other competitors. The days when a single tester would do the full testing of software is gone. Now specialized testing tool users do software testing of different parts so that the chance of a mistake gets minimized. Normally it can said that a mistake on the part of a coder or developer is recoverable and would not entail a huge loss for any company but a small mistake by a tester to find the bug sitting within the codes developed can simply be the reason for shutting down a company. The importance of a tester’s job can be estimated from this.

Honestly a person opting for software testing training will be as good as he or she wants to be. Determination a person matters a lot. Good institutes like “the knowledge academy” can get you acquainted with software tools like QuickTestPro, LoadRunner, and WinRunner etc and also introduce a person to situations where these tools become applicable but a person will be on his own when working in the live field. So understanding and utilizing these tools have to be learnt in a proper manner. People who have got the ISEB software testing certification have got global recognition and they also draw an enviable salary.