The Irony of Valentine's Day

Valentine’s day is celebrated around the world on February 14th. Valentine’s day is a celebration of love. Valentine’s day is celebrated all around the world. People go on expressing their love to their loved ones on this day. This is mainly the day for couples where the day is specially dedicated to their love.

People go crazy buying gifts like chocolates and other things for their ‘valentine’. They make their partners feel special on this day. They spend more time with each other and it strengthens their bonds.

Especially in today’s times, Valentine’s day is celebrated all around the world and the number of people celebrating Valentine’s day rises each year. It has become extremely popular especially among young adults. This can be seen by reviewing the sales of various companies and firms who specialize in selling gifts for Valentine’s day. Their profits are sky high and the number of goods they sell is enormous. Valentine’s day is very good for the economy because people do spend a lot by showing their love through gifts and other things.

In today’s time people are so busy in their lives that they find Valentine’s day as a boon. They use this day to make up for time lost with their partners.

Valentine’s day also comes under heavy criticism. First of all, people argue about the historical origins of the Valentine’s day and argue whether St. Valentines was a pagan or not. Various cultures do not accept Valentine’s day claiming it to be over-westernization. Valentine’s day is indeed a very controversial and debatable topic.

One of the most valid reasons not to celebrate Valentine’s day is that Valentine’s day is a day which shows that you love a person only for that day and for the rest of the year, you barely acknowledge the person. It is true. Especially in today’s fast paced and immoral world, Valentine’s day is being used for all the wrong reasons.

Isn’t it ironical that you have a day to celebrate your love, yet all over the world, the institution of marriage is breaking down? A day meant for true love is used by promiscuous people to cheat others and show them false dreams? A day where people express their love only for a day and the next day they are back to being unacknowledged?

Why celebrate such a namesake day then?