The Joys of Living Alone

Waking up alone in that big bed can only mean one thing, more room to stretch and start the day feeling great. Feel each muscle as it responds and lay there knowing there is no one to disturb this perfect moment.
Get up and spend as much time as you want in the bathroom. Sing out loud in the shower – there’s no one to complain. 
Decide what you would like for breakfast. It’s bound to be your favorite as you’re only shopping for yourself and you don’t have to take anyone else’s likes and dislikes into consideration. Linger over your coffee or newspaper – you don’t have to rush around making sure anyone else is going to be on time and you know you have plenty to spare.
After work go shopping for fresh, tasty foods. You’re only buying for one so you can buy exactly what you want as you see it. No more buying stuff you sort of like now you can indulge yourself.
Open your front door knowing that the only mess you’ll find is mess you left there yourself. If you tidied up your breakfast things then you won’t even have those to deal with. This means that after getting your evening meal ready the rest of the evening is yours to do with as you please. 
Going out, staying in, it’s up to you. If you feel like slobbing out in front of the television in sweat pants and old t-shirt there’s no one to notice. If you feel like having a bath or washing your hair there is no one to complain that you have used all the hot water. If you feel like hitting the town you don’t have to offer any explanations or decide ahead when you will be home.
When you decide you want to go to bed think of the wonderful night ahead. There is no one to disturb your precious sleep with their snoring, tossing and turning, stealing all the covers or taking over most of the bed. 
Living alone has many good points and is not something to be feared. It can be a time to rest and recuperate, a time to find out what is important to you or a time to learn to be kind to yourself. 
If you live alone take full advantage of this time and make it truly wonderful.

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