The Liquid Pencil-Pencil Redefined

The Liquid Pencil-Pencil REINVENTED

Of all the extraordinary gadgets revealed this year, the Sharpie Liquid Pencil which may cost between $2 to $5 just deserve the compliment if it lives up to its claims. A version of the gadget is already for sale at $5 for 2 pens and 6 erasers on some online stores and will hit the market on September. This unique writing tool uses liquid graphite to offer a writing experience similar to a pen, yet still allows for erasing mistakes. And what is more interesting is the ink will become permanent after 2 days making it a substitute for markers. So now you can write like a pen, dries like a pencil and stay erasable for upto 72 hours after which the ink will stay permanent like a marker. That means once written you have two days to rethink the validity of your words .During this period you can erase your scribbling just like that of ordinary pencil & after this period the liquid graphite ink will stay inscribed there forever. So folks, no more broken leads and sharpening of pencil if you upgrade to this gadget. And the sad news is that this may be the end of sharpeners & the beginning of new era of sharpies.