The Marriage

Marriage, a socially recognized and approved union between two individuals of the oppostite sex made with the expectations of permanence and usually with the aim of producing offspring.

Among most peoples marriage is regarded as a contract between families or individuals. It is a stage of human life where majority of individuals will come to. After being single, the next pace that we are getting in is marriage life.

Marriage- it is a basic way to establish a family. From here, you are going to build a family from your offspring. It is good to know that two different people, from different lifestyle, some of different culture, different language, and different attitudes bind together by marriage. Both are new to one another. You are going to live a life, living a new person to you whom you never lived before. You are going to share your decisions, opinions,
 and love with someone whom never shared before.

Nowadays, more people who got into marriage, and after a couple of months, they broke up and end their marriage with divorce. But there are people, who remain with their marriage until they reach their senior citizen. This is the best marriage and successful one.

In marriage life, there are times you will live happily, some times stressful, sometimes fun, and maybe sometimes challenging. There are times when you are in state of adjustment period you will encounter such a tiresome discussions, this is because two different people who is starting to build a foundation makes differences between one another. 

In movies, and fairytales, couple is tested in few trials, after they overcome it, the story ended in happy ending, but not in actual life. Trials are continuously coming. This is what you call adjustment period.

Adjustment period often starts from three months after the wedding. This is the toughest stage of marriage. You need to have your patience, understanding and give and take.

This is not an easy task to every couple, they need to remain patient, honest to one another and love one another after every circumstance.

In order to have a successful marriage, you need to be patient with your spouse. Give him or her space when he needs it. If he gets mad or angry, don’t ride on hot tempered darling, or else it will stir flames that burn you both. Understand each other well and be honest at all times. Speak to her in soft voice, when he gets mad, lower your temper when he is getting high tempered.

Honesty is the best policy the say. Honesty is important in every relationship. No matter how you are teased, always remain honest. And tell your spouse first, about the things that bother you. Open the topic to him or her, and talk about it in good conversation.