The Most Common Phobias That Gives us The Cripps

If you want to know about the most common phobias that grip the human race here is a list to help you. However, the phobias are not listed as per the rate of their incidence. So let us take a view of some of the scary faces that fear can wear:

Arachnophobia: The not so pleasant looks of spiders have captured human imagination. They have been depicted as huge man eating monsters in some movies. However, their influence over the human psyche is not limited to only motion pictures. There are people who run into a frenzy every time they see a spider. This fear of the spiders is known as arachnophobia. Interestingly more women are known to be affected by arachnophobia than men. It also been found that incidence of this phobia in people of South America where the largest spiders in the world are found is much less than it is in other countries. Does this indicate that phobias have a sociocultural origin? Well, this possibility is being weighed by experts.

Acrophobia: Do you feel dizzy and nauseated every time you think of going to the Empire State building? Well this could be because you suffer from vertigo whereas for some the thought itself would be enough to trigger a morbid fear. Such people who suffer from acrophobia may be terrified of even peeking down the window of their third floor apartment! Acrophobia refers to the phobia of heights that can affect one’s daily activities to a great extent. 

Agoraphobia: Agoraphobia refers to the fear of being unable to escape from a place. Such people avoid crowded places, sporting events, shops or even queues at stores. Such intense can this fear become that many affected individuals refuse to leave their homes or may do so only when accompanied by a friend or family member. Although earlier it was perceived more as fear of public or open spaces, today it is more widely considered as a result of complication of panic attacks.

Social Phobia: One strong contender in the top 10 phobias list is social phobia which refers to fear due to social situations. Affected individuals may avoid attending public events. The anxiety in people suffering from social phobia stems from their belief that they are being put under the scanner and evaluated continuously by people around.

Aerophobia: This is another strange fear that has made to the list of top 10 most common phobias in the world. Can you think of a world where you did not have aircrafts to travel in? If yes then probably you can empathize with the plight of people suffering from fear of flying which is also known as aerophobia. Actor Billy Bob Thornton and actress/singer Cher are two of the other celebrities who suffer from aerophobia. 

Claustrophobia: Well agoraphobia may not be the only type of phobia that could restrict one’s mobility. Claustrophobia also curbs the ability of many individuals to access all places because it triggers in them a fear of enclosed spaces. Such people may get panicky if they have to enter the elevator or travel in trains.

Brontophobia: This refers to the fear of thunderstorms. Some sources also associate this phobia with lightning, as lightning and thunderstorms occur almost always together. Such people are reported to go into hiding as soon as thunder and lightning strike. This is just as common in adults as it is in children. Brontophobic individuals may dread seeing warm weather approach and may also keep a close watch on weather.

Mysophobia: Mysophobic people have an irrational fear of germs. Also known as germophobia, people who suffer from this condition are often seen washing their hands to keep them free of germs. They may also wear gloves all the time to ‘protect’ themselves from germs around. Michael Jackson is believed to have suffered from this phobia.

Carcinophobia: As the name itself suggests, carcinophobia refers to fear of acquiring cancer. This fear sometimes impairs the understanding of the fact in carcinophobic people that cancer is not contagious. Their fear may compel them to avoid contact or interaction with people suffering from cancer.

Necrophobia: It is the fear of death or anything related to it. Necrophobic people feel anxious if they have to attend funerals or see a coffin. Anything related to death can trigger panic in such individuals.

Treatment for Phobias

While some believe that phobias have psychological origin, role of genetics being a cause of phobias is also not ruled out. Nevertheless a large section of the population also believes that sociocultural influences and experiences during childhood may trigger phobias in individuals. Although the cause of phobias need greater understanding, certain options have been found to be effective in dealing with certain phobias. One line of treatment involves exposing the individual to the situation or object of fear to provide them opportunities to overcome their phobia with active effort. Another mode of option is to increase the period of time of these encounters rather than the frequency. In counter-conditioning a patient is taught alternate way of responding to the phobic situation than to panic.