The Motorola Milestone Xt720 : A Short Guide

Remember the Motorola Droid? Of course you do, especially if you live in the US and were subject to the endless, mysterious, and slightly annoying multimedia ad campaign. Irritating commercials notwithstanding, it was a very good smartphone. Motorola let its guard down somewhat in the period since and other manufacturers have flexed their smartphone muscles, surpassing the company with new and highly advanced creations of their own. Motorola, however, has stepped from the shadows with the Milestone XT720 in an effort to make their presence felt once again.

The XT720 differs slightly from previous handsets in that it is smaller and lighter. Its body measures 116 x 61 x 11mm and the phone weighs 160g. Immediately noticeable is the distinct shape of the Milestone. If you are looking at the phone in landscape mode, the top right juts out conspicuously from the rest of the shell. This is to house three lights that indicate which camera option the handset is currently in. Users may also notice the seemingly incompatible front and back sections of the device, pieces that seem to not fit together well. Some will say that the changes in shape were unnecessary and downright ugly, but the design is certainly unique in the world of smartphones.

Besides interesting designs, the Milestone XT720 offers the now familiar and sizeable 3.7-inch screen. A capacitive touchscreen, it provides resolution of 480 x 854 pixels on its display. To fully utilize the screen, a quite sharp 8-megapixel camera takes photos with a Xenon flash. This is unique to the Milestone, as other Android phones cannot yet boast this feature. Convenient additions to the camera are face detection and a panorama mode. Many smartphones that offer such quality cameras provide highly capable video recording as well, and the XT720 is no different. The recorder found on the phone captures video at 720p that can even be shown on the big screen using an HDMI port and the necessary cables to do so, all of which are included.

Motorola decided to install Android 2.1 on the Milestone in lieu of Motoblur, which may disappoint those who desire built-in social networking. The customer still receives a trial version of MotoNav as well as the new Phone Portal app. This is used to manage the XT720’s data right from the browser of a PC or Mac with a USB or WiFi connection. Speaking of browsing, the Milestone itself does a fine job, more so on the WiFi network, which is to be expected. And movies and Youtube look great on the 3.7-inch screen.

Motorola has not eliminated the competition with the Motorola Milestone XT720. They have, however, staked a claim once again as a leader in smartphone technology. The XT720 is sure to meet the needs of customers looking for a practical and speedy phone