The Nature of The Beast is Violent

Let’s look at youth violence. Gang wars…not new. When I was growing up – the late 40’s, the 50’s & 60’s- rock ‘n’ roll was new.  My friend John would go to the rock concerts in Boston. (we lived in a middle to upper middle class suburb of Boston). There invariably would be a “rumble” (now called a gang fight) after each and every concert.

These weren’t your noble “our best against your best knuckle to knuckle contest” type fights. These were “switchblade, zipgun, chain, and garrison belt” blood baths. (If you need an explanation of any of these weapons just ask.) People died during the rumbles!! There wasn’t nearly as much media back then, and there was more of a keep it under hat train of thought back then. You see the concerts brought crowds i. e. $$$, so don’t scare the people away was part of that thought.

Because the rumbles didn’t make it into the papers, a lot of people didn’t know much about them. But, I knew John, his switchblade, his wounds, and some of his friends. John died in a car crash in the mid to late 50’s. He was sixteen. How young was he when he was in those rumbles?

Seventh grade, yeah junior high, english  class, I look to my right and my friend Peter has a 22 revolver against Dianne’s back. Now Dianne was known to “imbellish the truth”. So when she raised her hand and told the teacher that Peter had a gun in her back, the teacher said okay Dianne I’ll tend to that after we finish the assignment.

Now we’re in high school. Our assistant principal and “enforcer” lived in the next town over. During my junior year three of the seniors decided to take a car and some guns, and, go to the “enforcer’s” house and shoot it up. Now the lights were on and the car in the yard. For all they knew the family was home, and, could have been wounded or even killed. As it turned out they weren’t home. This was spring of ’63.

How about war?  According to many historians there have only been 20 or so years of recorded history without a war going on somewhere on the planet. In my life time I’ve seen Korea, Vietnam, and now war in the Middle East. Besides our fight with terrorists, there are several civil wars going on over there. That’s not to mention somes of the smaller clashes such as Granada. Oh! did I mention Boznia?

Now these people we’re fighting in the Middle East say they are killing us for God. Who in their right mind thinks they’re right to be killing for God? Oh unless you want to count the Crusades. Oh yeah that’s going to raise some eyebrows.

Hell, when we can’t get involved with a good war someplace, we just kill each other for personal reasons, love, valuables, road rage, anything will do.

So you see, violence has been and will always be an undeniable characteristic of the human beast. That is because as a species we refuse to learn from our history.