The Norway Massacre, What it Means

All terrorists acts are bad, more so when committed in an enviornment where the gun does not rule like in Norway. here was a peaceful nation that had nothing to do with terror or its manifestations and yet a gunman came like the wind and it all ended with over a 100 dead.

There can be many theories for this act and there are rationalists who will say that this was a sporadic act  and has no significance. They will try and lull the populace to believe that such an incident cannot occur again. But alas such thinkers  are either hiding the real problem or are glossing over it or worse still they are ignorant.

 All this is dangerous for Europe and the vast Christian populace that lives there. The fact is that a resurgent Islam has created a fear psychosis among the people, leading to a sense of insecurity among them. This in  turn has translated to these irartional acts. Look at the gunman in Norway. He claims that he killed all those people because he was fed up of the low key response to Islamist expansionsm. Islam is indeed the fastest growing religion and ts adherents among the white Christian population is on the increase. This would be bad enpough, but many of these new converts follow the  concept of Jihad with a zeal that is hard to explain.

Some of these new converts to Islam enlist to fight in Afganistan and many stay back home to act as a fifth column to undermine the Christian world. The Chiristians faced a succession fo invasions from Islam in the 15/16 th century and they won with only a whisker. But now the battle is not overt but covert and the cancer could well eat into the vitals of civlization in Europe.

The choice ahead is limited. The soft approach like abolition of death penality or a soft key response to Islamic terror in Pakistan, Afghanistan or Iraq  can have disasterous consequences. The Christian population must be assured that Islam will not over  run them, that is the key. Will the West and  Europe in  particular wake up ?