The Secret To Overcoming "weak Faith" Days And Re-Energising Your Spirit

We all have “weak faith” days, when we doubt that anything we do can have any impact on our life or other people’s, We have a vague concept of our Father God somewhere in the heavens, but He does not seem interested in us. Either we have upset him by our behaviour, or he does not deem us worthy of consideration. This is a false perception.

First of all we read in the Bible that God is in us and above us and through Him all things are held together. This means that not only is God close at all times, but without him as “glue” there would be no universe. So far from being a distant creator, He is right inside us the whole time.

Secondly He “knit us” in our mother’s womb, and knew us before we were born. Whoever you are, you exist because God made you to exist and everything that God makes is both good and valuable to him.

Thirdly, He sent His son, Jesus, to die for ALL our sakes. The New Testament makes it clear that Jesus’ sacrifice is of a universal and inclusive nature. NO ONE can be excluded from the promise of salvation.

So why the weak faith? There can be many reasons for this. Perhaps you have been knocking on a few doors lately and none of them have been opening for you. You got your hopes up for a particular opportunity which you saw as perfect for you. You thought it was godly, a suitable add-on to your faith career, and something that would benefit your service to others. But nothing is happening and you are starting to get frustrated.

If you have excercised patience, prayed and are certain that the outcome you hope for is good, then the chances are that, with a little more time, things will start to work out. The feelings of frustration and self-doubt come not from God, but from bad spirits. In other words they are not true. If we have been righteous and faithful, yet we still have days of gloom and despondency, the best thing to do is to sit tight and wait for them to pass. Do nothing. Turn the other cheek and continue with your daily routine. Do not let these trivial thoughts become rooted in your deeper conscience. Continue to believe that you are loved and approved of, no matter what. The devil quickly gets bored with people who won’t play ball.