The Silliest Mistake Strippers Make–The 'one Day Per Week' Fallacy

I hope you’re working hard, and you’re earning big bucks stripping.

You know you can do this, but sometimes you get undisciplined. See, when I started I found that on a good night I could make great money, maybe $500 or $600 in one night. Well, compared to working for $15 per hour for 40 weeks, that was great! I could make the same in one night as I could all week!

So guess what I did? After a month or so I started working one night per week. And guess what else. I didn’t make very much money when I did work. This is what I call the one-day-per-week fallacy: if you make as much in one night as some people do in a week, you only have to work one night.

Of course the problem with this attitude is that the “some people” working for $15 an hour are making lousy money to begin with. Working full time that comes out to $30K per year before taxes get sucked out. Is that the kind of money you want to make? If you’re cool taking off your clothes and just want a few extra bucks for spending money, I’m not one to judge. But to me that is not serious money. That’s chump change. I know you can do better! I hope you’ll let me show you how.

If you somehow manage to work one day per week. you won’t do it stripping. You’ll do it because you have people working for you all the time. I’m all for working less and working smarter–but when your job gets you paid by the hour, the hours you work matter!