The Spark of Love, Where Has it Gone?

During the period of dating and a few years of marriage you think you are in real love with your partner. You think that you are both made for each other and that you are the perfect couple in the world. After a few years have gone by, you may have children by then and become more responsible and sensible. Nevertheless something is missing. Yes, the spark of love has disappeared. Why?


Real love means living for each other without any expectations from him/her. But in real life there seems to be no real love. We soon get attracted to physical elements and other social factors and chase after financial status, character building, and education and so on.

However after years have gone by after marriage you come to realize that your partner is not living up to your expectations.

There is yet another selfish factor which affects a relationship. We expect our partner to be the perfect person, though we do not try to be perfect ourselves.

There was a man who wanted to marry a perfect woman. He went in search of her from east to west and north and south across his country until he was seventy years old.

One of his friends asked him whether he did not meet his perfect woman all these years. He told him that he saw a perfect woman only once. His friend instantly asked him why he did not marry her then. He replied,  “She wanted to marry a perfect man”

If you are successful in finding real love with your spouse then you can extend this love to your children, relatives, friends, other people, animals, plants and finally the Universe, that is God.