The Trivia World: Amazing and Interesting Random Facts III

1. The Philippine Hanging Parakeet, locally known as ‘kulasisi’, sleeps while hanging by one foot. It feeds on coconut and bananas.

2. Which shape has the most number of sides? Well, the shape with the most number of sides has 10,000 sides – it is called “myriagon”. In addition, a chilagon has 1,000 sides and hectogon has 100 sides.

3. The largest number people use is the ‘centillion’. In the American system it has 303 zeroes while in the British System it has 600 zeroes.

4. A person has an average of 2.6 million sweat glands in our skin. There are two specialized sweat glands – the ‘mammary glands’ in the breast which produces a unique kind of sweat called breastmilk and the ‘ceruminous glands’ in the outer ears which produces earwax.

5. Pigs don’t sweat! Why? They don’t have sweat glands.

5. Fireflies only live up to 3 weeks and can be found all over the world except in Antarctica. Some fireflies species flash green light while others reddish-yellow light. Certain species can even make both green and red light.

6. This is weird! Children in Argentina receive pulls on their earlobes on their birthday. The number of pulls is equivalent to their age.

7. I’d rather receive pulls in my earlobe rather than no birthday at all. People in Saudi Arabia don’t celebrate birthdays.

8. If you think that’s weird, this one is more unusual! In Ireland, children who celebrate their birthday are given ‘birthday bumps’ by holding them upside down and bumping them gently on the floor for every year of their life. An extra bump is added for good luck.

9. If you ride a rocket going to the sun that travels at a speed of 5,500 km/hr, you will arrive in 3 years. But if you decide to take it slow and walk 6 km/hr, you’ll arrive there after 2,845 years.

10. Famous people who snore include Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.

11. One pencil can write 45,000 words and draw a line 35 miles long. Russian astronomers also used pencils in space because they can also write in zero gravity. Laid end-to-end, the number of pencils produced yearly in the U.S. would encircle the Erath 15 times.

12. The earth gains about 40,000 metric tons every year from space debris. But there’s nothing to be worried of, it equals a very insignificant fraction of Earth’s mass which is 0.000003 of1%.

13. The oldest game in the world is the African stone game or oware. It is a game for two players. The game board has two end pots and two rows of six pits.

14. The most common situation or scenario that people dream is “being chased or attacked”. According to dream experts, when you have this kind of dream, you are undergoing stress. The bad person or monster chasing you symbolizes any of the ff: anger, fear, envy, hatred and anxiety.

15. If some people don’t sweat at all because they don’t have sweat glands, some people can’t cry. This condition is called dry eye syndrome or Sjogren’s syndrome.

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