The Truth About Abortion

I suppose I could bore you with all the facts and statistics but I won’t. We all know that abortion claims the lives of thousands of children everyday but what we don’t always know is what I like to call “The Human Effect”.

What doctors and nurses don’t tell us is that our unborn children have a heartbeat and the ability to experience physical pain before we even know that we are pregnant. They don’t tell us in laymen terms how we will feel or what we will experience when the abortion procedure is completed. When I speak with my children about abortion I tell them how it really is. There are different types of abortion; however, the most common forms are a D&C and salt poisoning. I am not writing this to disgust people or enrage people but if you or someone you love is contemplating abortion then you need to read this article through.

Using what I call “The Human Effect” , I describe abortion to my children in this way: When the doctor performs a D&C abortion the mother lies on a table while the doctor inserts a tube in her paralyzed cervix and dismembers the developing baby, who by this time does have nerve pain and a heartbeat. The dismembered baby is suctioned from the mother’s womb in pieces that can be recognized in some cases. After the baby is removed from the womb the doctor scrapes the inside of the uterus, which can cause profuse bleeding. I ask my children to think about how this baby must feel and how they think they might feel if they knew in advance how this baby was aborted.

The form of salt poisoning is even more severe to the baby and the mother because it can be done at a later time in pregnancy. During salt poisoning a needle is inserted into the mother’s abdomen where a concentrated salt mixture is injected into the amniotic fluid sac. This salt mixture slowly burns the skin from the baby’s body and the child spends as much as an hour suffering through a death process. The mother then must deliver a stillborn baby. This method is not a common practice anymore and to the best of my knowledge has all but been abandoned, though the process may still happen in some places.

Partial -Birth Abortion was legal until about 2003 but was not fully upheld by federal law until 2007. In a partial birth abortion the doctors actually delivered the baby, alive, and then inserted a needle and suction into the brain and killed the living child. Even though it is illegal now , it still happens. The punishment for performing a Partial-Birth Abortion is two years imprisonment, and that is only if they are caught.

I personally have never had an abortion and never felt the need to. I was a teen mother at the age of 16 but abortion never entered my mind as an option. I have had close friends whom have had abortions and i can testify that the doctors and nurses do not prepare you for what you will experience after the fact. The emotional upheaval and the guilt are enough to bring anyone down. My children witnessed the emotional after effects that abortion can bring upon you and I think watching it was enough to make them never consider abortion as an option. You will likely go through bouts of crying and near hysteria. You can be happy one second and utterly depressed the next. When you see a baby it makes your emotions go awry all over again. The emotional as well as physical consequences to abortion are just not worth it.

I am obviously pro-life but this is not the reason for this article, I want people to understand what they and their baby will go through if abortion is the option they choose. I understand not being ready to raise a child and I understand rape and incest and all the other reasons why people choose abortion and for that I do not fault them. I was a victim of both rape and incest and the pain to me and my unborn baby would not be worth having an abortion. There is always adoption.

Think long and hard about this article before you choose abortion as an option, please.