the truth of getting a safe tattoo

I understand the appeal to draw up a custom design of your own before getting a tattoo. This is something you should be proud of as it makes sure that your ink is truly unique. However, please make sure you go to a certified tattoo artist to have your tattoo design set into your skin. This is not just to make sure that tattoo artists keep getting new business. This if for your safety.

Most people who try to tattoo them self at home or have a friend do it for them don’t know that most inks can be harmful to your skin and health. Not only that but you could put those close to you in sever danger as well even though the ink is only in your skin.

NEVER try to use pen ink. Most inks produced by pen companies will not only fade out and blur the image of your tattoo design but they will also be rejected by your body and will burn out of your skin. Thats right, it will burn. Your skin will heat up to unbearable temps and painfully leak out both the ink and your own bodies blood.

The only ink other than standard tattoo ink that is safe to put into your skin is Higgins black magic art ink. Even though this ink can be placed in your skin and normally without any harm to you it could make those close to you sick any time they are near you. Higgins contains a much higher metal content than any tattoo ink produced which means if you come in contact with anyone who is allergic to metals they will get sick just from touching you. You might think its ok because you don’t know anyone that is allergic to metals but that doesn’t mean you will never meet anyone who is. One of my close friends is and she can’t even use a metal fork without getting sick. Not to mention Higgins ink will fade out of your skin 75% faster than regular tattoo ink.

If after reading the information above you are still thinking about tattooing your self at home i urge you to think again. Did you know there is five layers in your skin that could be affected by a tattoo needle. If you set the needle to light the ink will not take and you will have wasted your time and money on ink. If the needle is placed to far in your skin you can injure your body and have muscle pain for the rest of your life. Most people don’t know that tattoo artists don’t just learn how to draw and use a tattoo gun. In most states they are also required to have between one to two years medical training in regards to tattooing as well.

So please, do your body a favor and have a professional tattoo artist do your tattoos.