The Weird Fritzl Trial

The weird Fritzl trial

As the abominable Josef Fritzl faces a activity in hospital, Cybershrink comments on what he perceives to accept been austere faults of the trial. If amends was done, it was not apparent to be done, he says.

It’s time anyone came appropriate out and said it aloud – the Fritzl balloon in Austria, has been absolute abnormally handled. By now you’ll apperceive the adventure of the abominable ancestor who confined his babe for 24 years and fathered seven accouchement by her.

In a lot of jurisdictions, there would accept been a proper, accessible trial, with assay of the witnesses. including able witnesses, and a austere attack to get to the accuracy of what happened and how it was accessible for this to accept happened. This does not assume to accept been the purpose of the Austrian proceedings, which assume abnormally to accept capital to absolute how abundant could be discovered.

The absolute mysteries

There are absolute austere questions which arise to be getting skilfully avoided. These include:

  • How could this accept happened with no official suspicions or investigations over about a division of a century?

How could the accouchement he brought out of the apartment accept been registered over the years, afterwards any problems?

Is it absolutely aboveboard that his wife could accept been so pathologically above as not to accept had any suspicions over all those years?

Are there agency in which the abundance and added systems in Austria should be revised so as to accomplish such things beneath simple to achieve?

Many such questions would be aloft and advised in an accustomed trial, but the blitz to judgement actuality seems affected to abstain as abounding of these questions as possible.

Hysterical official over-reaction

There has been an about clearly agitated air of over-reaction all round. They even bankrupt off the airspace about the court-room. Were they assured heat-seeking missiles from a Paedophile Abutment Group? Paparazzi helicopters with X-ray vision?

There was no astute blackmail present defective such measures. We heard that a analyst was present throughout the balloon for the account of Mr Fritzl, affectionately accessible during and afterwards anniversary cloister affair – and that cerebral abutment was provided for the jurors, too. This is absolutely bizarre.

Why should an accused accept on-site hand-holding during his trial? Has this anytime been done for any added Austrian accused of above crimes? And why should these jurors charge counselling? Jurors survive cases with far added abhorrent evidence, absolutely unscathed.

Excessive secrecy

Understandably, there was affair to assure the character of the victims, while acceptance them to testify. This was done by accepting Elisabeth, the primary victim, affirm on video-tape, acceptance allegedly the advocate of the accused was able to catechism her too. The accommodation to apprehend this affirmation in bankrupt cloister has never been abundantly justified, as the tapes could accept been apparent to the judges, jury, attorneys and the accused, afterwards the accessible in cloister getting able to see and analyze the witness.

The adjustment called agency that the accessible does not apperceive what Elisabeth said, how Fritzl dedicated himself, or even whether the affairs were conducted in a address fair to all concerned. We were told that Elisabeth did not wish to see him afresh – and again that she was secretly in cloister to watch the proceedings.

Even some able testimony, such as that of a neonatologist, seems to accept been withheld from the public, with the affirmation that this was aswell to assure the character of the victims, which could not accept been compromised by such evidence. The attitude and animadversion displayed by the admiral in the dispersed account conferences captivated anniversary day advance humans not acclimated to anytime getting questioned and acclimated to bold that they consistently apperceive what’s best for everyone.

Odd psychiatric testimony

The psychiatric affidavit was aswell a lot of odd. A Dr. Adelheid Kastner fabricated some abstruse comments. She afterwards told a BBC accuser that Fritzl is “as sane as you and I”, yet she had recommended that he be placed in a psychiatric hospital because of the accident that he ability re-offend.

But this is the purpose of prison, not of a hospital, which can never be abundantly defended afterwards anarchic on the accustomed rights of all patients. No about recognised assay seems to accept been made, nor any specific assay recommended. No acknowledgment is fabricated of the use of any internationally recognised methods of appraisal or diagnosis.

“It is all-important that he abide getting advised until he can no best be classified as dangerous. Thus, the altitude are in abode for him to be put in a psychiatric institute,” she is quoted as saying, as able-bodied as commendation his affirmation that he was “born to rape”, which begs abutting assay and analysis. “On the surface, aggregate functions smoothly. But abysmal down, his annoyed needs are simmering,” sounds added like a affable programme than a accurate assessment.

Why a hospital?

The prosecution, too, has accepted that Fritzl serve any book in a ability for mentally aberrant offenders. Yet all this afterwards any able affirmation that he is mentally abnormal, or has any action accepted to medical science and which ability be affected to treatment. The abutting advertence to annihilation like a assay is a advertence to “serious personality problems”, acceptance he was absolutely amenable for his actions.

This could administer to about every individual aborigine of every jail. We charge to recognise the achievability that some humans are artlessly evil, rather than sick; that not all animal or abominable behaviour is a aftereffect of recognisable or treatable illness.

To confine such a being in hospital serves no advantageous function. Depending on the hospital, it may accommodate active altitude bigger than those in prison, but that is hardly a acceptable application in a case like this. If his action is about untreatable, there is no able assay to accord him. It is arbitrary to the psychiatrists to forward them an untreatable being to treat, to cure of a non-existent illness.

The corruption excuse

Fritzl seems to accept approved hard, apparently with the abetment of appropriately able advice, to portray himself as ailing and in charge of medical care, acceptance the harder affirmation does not abutment this interpretation. He claimed, afterwards any acknowledging absolute evidence, that he was abused as a child. Typically, this corruption alibi is favoured by some lawyers, abnormally if the being the accused accuses is calmly asleep and clumsy to avert herself. He added abrupt comments such as “I apperceive I accept to be crazy to do something like that”, and referred to “my ailing behaviour”.

Then he al of a sudden afraid anybody by acceptance to everything, even the a lot of austere charges, even annihilation and slavery. Was he assured charity on the base of the brainy ataxia he does not have? Did anyone assure him of this?

Little about these affairs was satisfactory. One can alone achievement that now, Elisabeth and her accouchement will be able to advance a safe, anonymous, and undisturbed life, abroad in Austria. Acceptance I admiration afterwards this case, whether the accession of a mother with six accouchement afterward this case, would go disregarded in any community.

(Professor M.A. Simpson, aka CyberShrink, Health24, March 2009)