The Word L-O-V-E

Yes, that famous relationship holiday returns to all of us again. A day of big ballons, flowers, chocolate candies, and gifts of all shapes and sizes going to the ones we L-O-V-E! Or is it just a word thrown around like leaves in a heavy strong wind, just to show someone that it can be said and not meant.

Don’t get me wrong, there are real true relationships, engagements, and marriages that love is soaked all the way through like a hungry sponge under a dripping faucet. Many say the over used word just to make someone smile, be happy, or have make them have a great day. It’s just ironic why people can’t just be honest with each other and tell the other person how they really feel about them. If that could happen or an entire year, what kind of things do you think might occur during that time?

Would there be less or more divorces, marriages, or relationships? Could that famous word on those big red ballons be the most powerful word of the year? Would the jewelery stores be making sales history in the whole entire world? Or be going out of business like all the other items bought on that special day of “VD”. Should I spell it out to you the way we all be towards our future soulmates. How about being “Very Direct” with one another.

Most of us take that word for granted to be used towards the ones we care for until the end of time, or give them the last bit of life from our souls so they can be living another day. But would they do the same for you? So as we near that special day of loving one another, make sure you use that special word truthfully & let that L-O-V-E message be heard in the right way.