Things to do at Empire State Building, New York

I went to New York in March ,it was really cold. One of the main things I wanted to do was go to the top of the Empire State Building. It has been made famous by several movies and I didnt want to leave New York without going there. Up on the platforms was freezing cold so advise anyone going at this time to wrap up warm.

You defently would need a hat and scarf. There was strong winds and hail when i was there. However in the summer iI would assume that it would be a totally different experience. I went at night time so I could see the city all lit up. It took my breath away!

There are people when you first go in trying to pressurise you to buy an Autotour we opted not to do this as it was an extra cost.

There was a simulator ride thing called the Skyride we paid for which to be honest was not worth the money I would recommend that you do not waste your money or time viewing this ride. You have to wait in line in a small room with about 10 small Tv’s scattered about and watch a short program about New York which I didnt find interesting. Then you go through into the simulator which lasts about 10 minutes long and is frankly very boring!

I only went up to the 86th floor as it cost extra to go to the 102nd floor. On the plus side there was hardly any other tourists about so it wasn’t busy this meant we could see the views clearly without people pushing into you.

The views from the Empire State Building was amazing however I thought the views from the Top of The Rock was better as you could see the Empire State in the skyline which in my opinion was alot more interesting and it was a cheaper option.But I stil had to go up to say id been on the empire state building it was a must couldnt go to New York without visiting here!

After we came out of there we were waiting on taxi’s and someone appoached us about geting a limo. I was with my sister, mum and dad so between the four of us it worked out at 5pounds each which I thought was great value and worth while as I had never been in a limo before.

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